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Who else is bummed to have their CRC tradition interrupted?


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For years I have purchased my 4 seats and headed up to Indy from Columbus with the usual suspects early enough to get a great parking spot across from Kilroy's and to be among the first in line in front of Kilroy's to insure getting a table for the group when the doors opened. The place was typically SRO within 30 minutes of opening!
So, to preserve some semblance of tradition I think I will get in my car at 10:30 and drive around the block so I can pull up to a great parking spot on the street in front my house. Then I'll get in line on the sidewalk outside my front door to be first in line and wait until the doors open at 11:15 at which time I will rush to the basement to claim my favorite couch seat next to my kegerator and in front of my big screen for tip off - YEAH! ?? ??

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