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IUWBB heads to Minnesota

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In the Nebraska game I was impressed with 22, 23, and 4 (as newcomers).

cardano Hillary will be an interesting chess piece to mix in her shoot the ball mentality.

Browne is very filled out for a high school senior and plays with that Will Sheahy chip on his shoulder. I think she may be amazing as an upper classman. 

Chloe looks to have length and quickness. Looked taller than 5’11” to me.

The ladies have lost two games they should not have. Really folded the last ten minutes at KU and never got started at TN.

Time to start a streak.


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Gophers lead by 1 after 1st Qtr.  Hoosiers gather themselves and put forth a better 2nd Qtr effort to take a 36-25 lead into the half.  An IU 7-0 run contributed to this; coupled with a stout defensive effort (UM is 31%FG).  IU lead in most statistics at quick glance.  Nine players played this half with the biggest contributions by Cardano-Hillary and Browne.  GBR!


Berger - 11pts, 5rbs

Holmes - 9pts

Penn - 6pts

Patberg - 4ast


Go Hoosiers!

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IU continued with strong play in the 2nd half and finished with a 75-51 road win.  A good opening in the B10 with two 20pt+ win.  Thirteen players earned time on the floor today with Cardano-Hillary, Browne and Patterson getting double digit minutes from CTM.  This is adding depth to the Hoosier line-up which could prove value in the B10 battles.  GBR!  Again, IU lead in most categories through this contest.


Berger - 13pts, 6rbs, 5ast

Holmes - 19pts, 6rbs

Penn - 19pts, 4stl

Patberg - 6ast

Gulbe - 11pts, 8rbs


Go Hoosiers! 

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