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Covid Christmas


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I have to say it was an unusual and yet enjoyable Christmas this year.

Due to circumstances, let's just say I was not going to hug my Grandsons or hold my 5 month old Granddaughter! Still, a great time with family! 

I'm leaving a LOT out because I might be in a California jail if they knew!

How did the Vid affect your Christmas?

What changes to your New Years do you plan?


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Glad you had a great Christmas! My wife and I stayed here in Brooklyn, so it was just us and the critters. I actually thought we had a great time with just the two of us. She made all of our favorite things for the big meal and we did presents on Christmas morning. 

The only negative thing was trying to watch the new Wonder Woman - woof, that was unwatchable. I loved the first one and had high hopes for this one. We started watching the Flight Attendant on HBO and it’s really good. 

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