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IUWBB hosts Illinois on NYE

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Hoosiers have 13-3 run in the 1st Qtr and have not looked back.  IU leads UI 42-20 at the half.  Ten players have seen action for CTM; Cardano-Hillary, Patterson and Brown support this afternoon's effort off the bench.  Defense has been strong (UI at 26%FG); IU is shooting at a 43%FG clip.


Holmes - 12pts, 3rbs

Patberg - 9pts, 4 rbs

Cardano-Hillary - 9pts

Berger - 7pts, 3rbs, 3ast

Gulbe - 4 rbs


Go Hoosiers!

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Indiana rolls today in a B10 win over Illinois, 79-56. The Illini emptied their bench with 6:36 to play in hopes of just getting out of B'ton.  Hoosiers had a strong game; 13 players contributed today (9 saw double digit minutes.  Cardano-Hillary and Patterson were the biggest bench supporters.


Holmes - 18pts, 5rbs

Berger - 15pts, 5ast

Cardano-Hillary -14pts, 4rbs

Patberg - 11pts, 4rbs, 4ast

Patterson - 4rbs

Gulbe - 4rbs, 4stl


Go Hoosiers!

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