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I guess what really bothers me is how unready we are to play in the Big Ten. That’s on Archie. I used to feel like well Archie was stuck with a very bad Crean recruited team. But he has had time to correct that , he knew we needed shooters for 4 years! Where are they! We’ve been a bad free throw team far a long time now yet we run an offense that puts us on the line. 
I’ll admit I like that offense, but you have to make your free throws! 
I don’t even know what to write next I am so frustrated! I do know that none of my complaints or frustration will change anything because the IU staff an players already know and they aren’t changing anything so here we are. 
you could tell by Franklins press conference he was at a loss for words and embarrassed. The entire team should be. 

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