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Player stats adjusted for minutes

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Since many people weary of the Miller discussions, I thought I'd start a new topic which (at least initially) isn't about him. I saw this article from 247 that adjusts the players' stats for the same number of minutes. Instead of 40 minutes, they used TJD's minutes as the baseline.

Some of the freshmen's numbers are skewed because they haven't played many minutes but that is noted in there.


Adjusted numbers weren't needed to see this, but Durham's A/TO ratio was brought up and it has improved significantly this season.

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It's an interesting way to look at players individually from an extrapolated numbers perspective -- it's of course not perfect and requires some extrapolation, but 

- Hunter's numbers jump out at me since I like to follow his progress. Needs to be more involved in our offense to help better spread the floor, as the  per minute breakdown reflects, and his 3pt % is now 38%

- The frosh assist ratio on an adjusted per minute basis is definitely encouraging, and on the flip side the absence of any point guard/player dishing more than 3.1 apg is a real weak point

- I would love to see what happens with Jordan if played more


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The numbers continue to back up what people are saying. Our back court of Al and Rob is less than stellar. The assist numbers are putrid imo. Signaling to me poor shooting and inability of our pg to break down the defense and get easy buckets for guys. Everything becomes more difficult for others because we have to work so hard. You can see it when watching...we get very few easy buckets. We have to make difficult contested plays way way to often.

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