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With our loss of Snowling I will try and post more. I cannot replace nor would I even try.

But the ladies deserve to know they have a fan base. I do not have access to all of the publications he linked. I am not on social media so any and all help is appreciated.

We still have a chance at a co big ten championship. We need to win out and MD must lose their last game.

Either way we will be a high seed for the big ten tournament and the ncaa.

We have some late season adversity. Jaelyn Penn and Danielle Patterson have opted out. Kiendra Browne is trying to give us a few sub minutes even with a hip that will have surgery at seasons end.

If you have not watched them play, they are a great watch. Amazing passion and team chemistry. 
Good luck girls.

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Well, I opted out of this forum for several weeks and come back to find we've lost another pillar of the IU community.  R.I.P., Snowling.  You are much appreciated and very much missed.

Thank you for stepping in Jssanto.  You are correct...these ladies deserve our support.

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I am sorry to not have posted earlier but I could not access the site. It kept saying error and showing a weird format.

The ladies overwhelmed VCU today. I am a little worried about the zone VCU played. It forced us away from Mac and into 3 point shots. We are not a good 3 pt team and it showed today. 
Our defense held them to 15 second half points. On the way to a 30 point win.

Belmont upset the lady zags so we will play them Wednesday. Time to be determined. 
Good luck girls. We may not be at the game but are yelling for you at home.

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