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We survived!


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What a time for a website to go down.

Sorry to be offline, everyone.  Our site experienced a massive traffic surge on the morning of Archie's dismissal.  That parlayed into severe, unfixable database errors that some of our developers are still looking into.  We have frequent backups created on our server, which we were able to restore... but which also contained errors.

We think we have fixed them all.  If you see anything wrong, feel free to PM me or email admin@hoosiersportsnation.com OR hoosiersportsnation.info@gmail.com


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I remember when "my" site went down quite a few years back, my partner(the IT guy) was on a 2 week fishing trip in Canada.  No way to get ahold of him.  We survived.

Glad you got her up and running HF.  Kudos.

PS---Where do we send the donations?

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