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2022 DB James Monds III Commits to Indiana


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1 hour ago, PAHoosier said:

I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about IU's chances here

Me too.  I feel like Monds and Zane Durant could almost be a package deal.  Not that they're both planning on committing to the same school, but they are close with each other, and they both seem to really like IU.  I think we'd either get both of them or neither of them.

They're also both visiting IU on June 11th.  It's the only visit that they have in common so far.  I think a commitment from either one could be enough to push the other to commit too.

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Not surprisingly, Warren and Shelby went to see Monds on the first day they could.  Not that the staff would be overly pushy, but it wouldn't surprise me if they're pushing for a commitment before or during his visit in 10 days.  I think we're really going to be hitting Florida hard, and getting a guy committed like Monds who seems to be close to a lot of other guys we're after would be a huge get.


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8 hours ago, Hoosier82 said:

The point is Monds is commenting “Let’s do it” on a guy’s insta post who’s down to only Arkansas (who Monds isn’t considering) and IU. These kids aren’t from the same place and don’t know each other except for being recruited by IU….presumably 

I think you’re getting Alfonzo Allen and James Jointer confused. Allen and Monds are both from Ft. lauderdale/Miami area

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18 hours ago, Leathernecks said:

No idea if this guy knows anything or not, but interesting to see the thoughts on other boards.



Couple of questions.. in the first picture, what information leads him to believe we have it wrapped up? Just because of the CB pick of 5 to IU? 

Second picture.. the last time NEB played in Bloomington we were under Wilson and were in turbo speed offensively at all times, they had MULTIPLE kids fake injuries that day. Like 3 or 4... effing hypocrites. What is this in reference to? Did we do that the last time we played there? 



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  • KDB changed the title to 2022 DB James Monds III Commits to Indiana

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