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@OSU Game Thread 4/2-4/4 (4 games)


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Weather wise- 44 on Friday, 57 on Saturday (DH), and 68 on Sunday. OSU comes into the series 8-7. This is a massive series for them. We need to win the series, 3-1 or 4-0. 

Mercer interview from yesterday. He's a G

OSU Pitching 

Two starters are under a 4 ERA, but neither have great numbers. (not that they can't have a great performance this weekend though). OSU has one reliever who's been excellent 8.2 innings 1ER 3H, and three others who have been solid. They've needed it, as well. Outside of those 5, OSU has really struggled. Lots of BBs. (They've issued 10 more walks than us throughout the season, and we haven't been good in that dept, either). 

OSU Hitting

Kade Kern.. .357avg .440obp. He's been awesome and is the only Buckeye over .300. They have two others over .250.... everyone else is under .240. Now... can we keep them that way? Connor Pohl (1B) has had a poor year for them, but he is a player that has had a very nice career. 20 career HRs and over 100 career RBIs, but so far he has struggled .196 avg but he does have 4 bombs. 

Indiana info

First two games last weekend we flat out dominated. And dominated very good pitching. Sunday idk what happened, but we struggled.. it's over. NBD. 

We have to stop walking people though, that's essentially the only way people are scoring on us. All 4 of our starters (Bothwell, Brown, Sommer, and Bierman) are holding teams under .200 avg (three of them below .170), but when you're allowing that much traffic at times, recipe for disaster. We walked no one the last two years, I know Mercer isn't happy with it. 

Moving on... Barr and Ashley have been so good at the plate. Power numbers are there right now, but both are batting over .390 and both have OBPs of over .490. (Barr .540). The story of the year has been Paul Toetz though.. lowly ranked kid out of WI.. didn't even make the team last year, and now has started every game, has a hit in every game... batting .320/.410/.510 1HR 13RBIs and is playing a solid 2nd base. 

Not sure what to think at SS... Houston is batting .207 and had multiple errors last week. We have other options. Catchers have been abysmal at the plate, good defensively though. We have to get better play from both positions. Do that, get Bierman a good start under his belt and we are off and running. 

F*** OSU 

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