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5/7-5/9 (N) 2 games vs. Rutgers, 2 games vs. Neb


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Friday 2pm vs. Rutgers 

Saturday 11am vs. Rutgers 

Saturday 3pm vs. Nebraska 

Sunday 11am vs. Rutgers 

All of these games will be played in Piscataway, New Jersey. Friday is 63 w/60% of rain, Saturday 61 w/20% of rain, and Sunday is 63 w/40% of rain. We need these games to be played. 

Rutgers is the surprise in the B1G. Playing very well, as of late. They swepte NEB on the road last weekend and took 2 of 3 from UM in Ann Arbor. 2 guys w/9HRs a piece. One guy hitting over .350. Rutgers pitching is what has fueled them throughout the season though. 

Nebraska.. more of an offensive team than IU or RU. Very good bullpen, as well. And they run A LOT. 


I mentioned 2 weekends ago that Richardson and Ashley had to be better, and they have been. Plus the emergence of Hopkins and Colopy as being consistent bats has taken our offense to another level. Now... we need McCade Brown and Tommy Sommer to their job. We need 6IP from each this weekend in their starts.. 1 or 2 ER runs. Low traffic on the base paths, and to go along with that a low walk total. 

This is a 4 game set this weekend, so I assume Bothwell will get the start in the "4th" game. I have no clue who Mercer will go with in each game, although I am confident in saying Bierman will get the Sunday game vs. Neb. I could also see Modugno starting for MAYBE Sommer? Idk.. maybe that is over thinking it. Either way.. Bothwell was awesome last weekend, so I expect him to have a good start, but it's unfortunate we will lose an important arm out of our bullpen. 

Braden Scott has came on big time, as of late, so that will lessen the blow of not having Bothwell in the pen. Scott, Litwicki, Stahl, Sharp, and Modugno are the guys in the pen, as of now. Macciochi working there too. 

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6.2IP 5H 1BB 111p 

Incredibly outing. Runner on 2B but he was given new life after a dropped FB by Fougerousse. I'm not sure how thats scored? 

Either way.. big boy start by Sommer. Especially when you think that we have 29.1 more innings of baseball this weekend. 

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