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2021 Post Season


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Watched UF vs UK this morning/early afternoon. SEC is starting at 1030AM EST today and tomorrow. Not sure about Thursday. Crazy to me the B1G isn't having a tourney, but oh well. UF was out hit by UK 11 to 5. UF still won 4-1. UK left 14 runners on and they were somewhat on the bubble. They are out now, I believe. So good for us. Bama vs So Carolina now.

I love that there is so many different ways to do these tourneys. ACC has a really interesting way of doing with 4 3 team pools. Winner moves on. SEC goes 12 teams bottom 8 play 1st day in a single elimination situation, winners of today go play the top 4 seeds and that starts a double elimination tourney.

B1G goes top 8 teams, double elimination tourney until the championship. (I think that's how they do it).. can't remember.


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Today has been nutty. 

So Alabama beats USF in game 6. Forces a game 7... rain delay and now USF leads by 3 in the B9. 

Ole Miss rain. Started for 2 innings. Rain. Ole Miss gets up 9-0. Now it's 12-9 in B7. They're playing Southern Mississippi. That's game 7, as well. 

Miss St survives against Campbell. 4-3. That was game 6.. rained out from last night. 

UVA and Old Dominion is delayed. Arkansas and NE just started.  We still have Oregon/LSU tonight and Stanford/UCI as well. 


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Lol forgot the craziest game of the day. Oregon St was up 5-0 and dominated for 5.2 innings.... 

DBU singles and HRs. 5-2. DBU walks 3 batters to load the bases and they hit a GS in the next inning. 6-5 DBU.. and now they just hit another one. 8-5 DBU B8. 

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Oregon/LSU was an ungodly good game. 5 lead changes. 

LSU wins and the SEC proves yet again they're the class of college baseball. 6 of 16 regionals were won by SEC teams. Two of them.. LSU and Tennessee play this coming weekend. 4 of the 8 host sites are SEC teams. 

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UVA beats ODU on a 10th walk off HR

Supers are set-- 2nd team listed is host

LSU/Tennessee Sat 7pm 

ND/MISS ST Sat 2pm 

Ole Miss/AZ Friday 9pm 

ECU/Vandy Friday 12pm 

DBU/UVA Saturday 12pm (played in Columbia SC) 

Stanford/TTU Friday 3pm 

NC ST/Arkansas Friday 6pm 

USF/Texas Saturday 9pm 





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