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IU vs Minnesota game thread

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3 minutes ago, Parakeet Jones said:

Would he have still scored if he hadn’t dropped the ball first?

That’s DMac’s method of making the play develop. Looks like Sheridan took out the RPOs and is going with designed QB runs instead and so far it’s working. Gotta keep the hits on the QB down though 

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When any enterprise goes in the tank, they don't can the receptionist.  While Sheridan is a complete putz,...Allen has week after week to go over what they're doing.  I think Allen's unfettered optimism is appreciated,...BUT unless Dolson does some serious coaching upgrades IU can expect this to only get worse in '22, '23 etc.  10,000 fans in a stadium that seats 52,000 won't get it.  It's so obviously bad it's hard to believe, even for IU.

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11 minutes ago, OLDIUFAN said:

These coaches have set IU back years! Our players are so bad we throw an interception inside the 50 yard line with seconds on the clock! 
We aren’t even a good high school team ! Fellas I don’t see it getting better! For years! Sorry even as a freshman he got to know better then that! 

I don't know why I bother watching.  The Indiana Administration is the most incompetent administration in college sports history. 

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9 minutes ago, OLDIUFAN said:

Well it shows that the coaches we lost the last two years were the glue to this team! 
they are a pathetic team to watch! Gasping at straws hoping something works! 

They lost identity on D, tried to play like Alabama and Georgia - the line and depth not setup for that.

Offense, it hurts that two talented RB transferred out, when we needed them.  Oline has not been recruited and developed, and little speed at WR once Whop left and DJ got hurt.  

We need a creative play caller.  Got to put points on the board, somehow.

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