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OT RIP Jo Jo White

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2 hours ago, milehiiu said:

Wondering if our great HSN 3.0 member.... BGlease, knew JoJo.   What say you Glease ?

I did, Mile! This is a huge loss for the White family, Celtics organization and Boston. Jo Jo was a true gentlemen and such a nice man. For a guy that had accomplished so much, he always seemed more interested in how you were doing, and was always so interested in hearing about what was going on with other people. One of those guys with a great smile that always made everyone else feel so comfortable. 

He actually worked in the front office as the head of community relations, so was in the office 3-5 days a week and was a regular presence. I actually was in his foursome one year in the company golf outing, was a cool experience. 

The best story I have of him though was one of my highlights working there. We were on a road trip and had an extra day off in Philly before heading to Detroit. It was right when the movie Glory Road came out, so Doc Rivers arranged for a showing of the movie for the entire team and traveling staff. I ended up sitting next to Jo Jo during the movie. 

If you’ve seen that movie you know why that was such a treat. Texas Western played Jo Jo’s Kansas team in the Final Four, with Kansas favored with Jo Jo as their All-American. In the game Jo Jo hit a shot to win the game or send it to OT (can’t remember) but the ref said he stepped out of bounds and Texas Western won. Even all those years later Jo Jo was yelling at the screen that he didn’t step out of bounds. 

The best part was sitting with Jo Jo and Cedric Maxwell on the bus ride back to the hotel as they discussed that entire era, who they played against, who was really good, who wasn’t, and the civil rights aspect. It was awesome!

RIP, Jo Jo

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