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  2. Listened to just a couple of songs. Enjoyed what I listened to. Will for sure be going back for more. Thanks for introducing me to them.
  3. From NBC Sports... Memphis announced on Thursday that they have ruled James Wiseman ineligible to play and will immediately apply for his reinstatement. As of now, that means that Memphis’ star center will be held out of competition pending resolution of this matter. Wiseman’s legal team put out a statement on Thursday morning announcing that they will be dropping his lawsuit against the NCAA. “It has become clear to Mr. Wiseman that the lawsuit he filed last week has become an impediment to the University of Memphis in its effort to reach a fair and equitable resolution with the NCAA concerning his eligibility status,” the statement from Ballin, Ballin and Fishman read. “Therefore, Mr. Wiseman advised his legal team that he wished to withdraw his lawsuit.”
  4. Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent, Mr. Smithers.
  5. Doesn't that album have his version of Amos Moses included on it?
  6. I'm lost, can you enlighten me about the Jesuit thing?
  7. Love when insiders have competing info 😎
  8. Yeah I mean he goes to a public school right now so...
  9. Maybe in a few years he can be a grad transfer.
  10. Wiseman ineligible again. Smart move by Memphis. Withdraw the lawsuit. Be forthcoming and take the suspension during no name preseason games from the NCAA and be ready when the season counts. Kind of taking a page out the Ohio St playbook with Chase. Should have done this last week.
  11. I still think he will be a Hoosier. I have not heard anything to change my mind. Our staff, fans, campus etc blew them all away. As others have said our staff have done everything to land this recruit. I like our position but we will know pretty soon.
  12. Per Bleacher report JAMES Wiseman has withdrawn lawsuit against the Ncaa and will be held from playing until word from NCAA
  13. I could also see Michigan State playing their most inspired and best game of the year after the recent tragedy of Winston's brother.
  14. it's gonna be an interesting weekend. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  15. This Jesuit thing being an issue is hilarious. This has NEVER ONCE come up in his recruitment. LOL.
  16. Olivia Newton John for Rich Little at the Indiana State Fair back in the early 70's. She was HOT and he was funny as heck!
  17. Unless he wants to be a monk, a Jesuit education isn't all that valuable.😜 I guess maybe mama thinks he'll behave better there.
  18. I know he was and I use to call him Eeyore on the rivals site
  19. He’s just being a twat. I’ll say, if the Jesuit thing is a big deal, why consider IU, Minny, etc in the first place? I feel good about this one.
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