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  2. So you are saying that Miami has better "night clubs" than Indy?
  3. That is pretty much where I would go... if we have to throw in a couple of other like Colorado/UCLA... could work as well.
  4. I think Kansas joining the B1G is only a matter of time. 👍
  5. Texas A&M plus a couple of Pac 12 schools like USC and Oregon would be a homerun for the B1G. Throw in Kansas for their basketball and to make it even then call it a day.
  6. FYI: The Kansas board seems to think they will be joining the B1G and that it will be announced "soon." They may be falling prey to the same type of momentum that created the Brad to IU hype though..
  7. It is more wishful thinking than anything else. If we are going to expand, A&M seems like one of the most valuable potential schools out there...
  8. Maybe A&M voted yes to make it easier to leave secretly...
  9. I think you are right about the Big 12 collapse being inevitable, and everyone associated with the schools in it knows this as well. The B1G doesn't have to chase any of the remaing schools, those schools will be almost begging the B1G for membership since their other alternatives will be a lackluster Pac 12, AAC, or Mountain West. The ACC might take West Virgina and one other but that would be it for them. A&M would be a homerun in my opinion, but unfortunately with them voting yes on OU and Texas joining I think they are falling in line with the rest of the SEC and not going anywhere.
  10. Difference between them also is location. Lowery wanted to go to Miami, he'd never consider Indiana. PJ Tucker wanted to go to Miami, would have never considered Indiana regardless of the money thrown either of their way. Agree about Miami willing to spend into lux tax, pacers never have and never will
  11. Like the pacers news. TJ brings defense intensity. He can't shoot threes, however, surrounding him with guys that are respectable 3pt shooters such as Justin Holiday/Torrey Craig/Duarte/Oshae is good. Pacers def wanted to re-establish some sort of defense presence and they did that with their moves yesterday evening. Brogdon/LeVert/Warren/Sabonis/Turner McConnell/Holiday/Duarte/Craig/Oshae/Goga
  12. Today
  13. I wouldn't say that at all with Clowney and Shihfino sp? as good chances of commiting
  14. Staff spinning their wheels with this 22' class. Might as well shut it down, get 2 or 3 from the portal and focus on 23 and 24.
  15. Former UM commit https://247sports.com/player/davonte-miles-46098656/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/davonte-miles-259740
  16. https://247sports.com/player/lavon-johnson-46113721/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/lavon-johnson-272332
  17. Like Robinson, Butler was their own free agent so the cap doesn't come into play, though the luxury tax does. Tucker was signed with a piece of Miami's mid-level exception, which any team over the cap can do. The difference between the Heat and Pacers is that the Heat are trying to won a title and are willing to invest to do it, the Pacers aren't.
  18. I certainly hope we didn’t sign him if there are 62 better WRs in the “county” lol
  19. PJ Tucker at 2/15 and signed Butler to a max extension. I guess it is just frustrating as a Pacers fan this time of the year. When you know they won't go over the salary cap and see all of these other teams making huge signings is just frustrating
  20. Who else did the get? They'll do a S&T for Lowry and Duncan Robinson was their own players so the salary cap doesn't matter there.
  21. I guess I don't understand how the salary cap works. On the NBA network just now said the Heat had no salary room yet they were able to sign and trade for all of these players. I know on the trade the salaries has to match but they were still able to sign other players
  22. If the B12 were to remain in existence, your reasons would be valid. However, I look at it from the perspective of the B12’s collapse being inevitable. We’re not chasing after Kansas, but if they need a place to land, why not? Same goes for Iowa State. No, they aren’t major media markets, but they fit. The one that intrigues me is A&M. If they decide to tell the SEC to go pee up a rope over UT, I say we chase them. But, that also leaves us with an odd number, provided we admit Kansas and ISU.
  23. I don’t think the SEC has plans to go coast to coast…but I do see them going after Clemson and Florida St…maybe Miami. Even though to get out of the ACC contracts are almost too painful financially id say they are the next target once this merger goes through and if it proves successful.
  24. Pacers baffle me with their inaction and questionable signings. Pacers going to continue to do Pacer things
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