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  1. I work in New Albany and was at a fight party this weekend to watch the big fight. During the evening I was talking to a guy that was a neighbor of Romeo (UK fan). He said that he talks to him and his dad quite a bit. He confirmed that Romeo and Cal did not mesh well on the trip. Cal told him that he could get him to the NBA in one season and that if he didn't want to be a one and done he did not need him. Romeo's parents didn't care for that approach. He also said that Cal told them he had regressed over the summer. He believes that it is down to IU and UL, with IU in the lead because
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  2. Final 7 for Romeo Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, UCLA, Kansas, Vanderbilt, and North Carolina,
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  3. The Stones - Satisfaction. Still one of the coolest songs out there.
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  4. Everyone relax. Your favorite Purdue poster made the move over here. Carry on
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