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    Cracks me up...I’ll jump on here and click on a player’s name to see if there’s an update on their recruitment or any rumors flying around and 9 times out of 10 there is a completely different subject being discussed. Me- I wonder if that PF is leaning towards the Hoosiers. Let’s click on his name and see ”Pineapple does not belong on pizza!!!” ”yes it does!!!!” 🤣😂🤣
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    I want the best players from the state of Indiana consistently. Archie has more than done that so far.
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    My kids are both big into Bass fishing, but I've never got "hooked" on it myself. I like to spend time on the water. Canoeing, jet sking, pontooning. Learned to water ski in my 20s and wish i could do that more. My wife and I like to travel and hike. Basically day hikes, nothing overnight. Have hiked some fantastic places. Sedona, a glacier in AK, Yellowstone, and last summer in Banff and Glacier National Parks. Love hiking in the mountains but probably not as hard core as @SteveS ^^^. 1000' elevation over 4 hours or so is my max. My wife was very nervous about crossing the frozen waterfall on this narrow ledge. Think it took about 5 minutes for her to get up the confidence.
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    I’ve been camping my whole life. I never really got into hunting and I’ve only really fished when I was in the boundary waters and the alternative to eating fresh fish was freeze dried meals. Now I climb mountains. This is my favorite “feet on the beach” pic (taking a break on my way up Torreys peak).
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    Ice fishing has come a long way in the past 20+ years with the equipment that is available.
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    Archie quit at Dayton to come to IU. Khristian Lander quit his high school to reclassify for IU. Disloyal selfish losers. Low character. Probably poison to the team (there are rumors, let's spread them!). They're not part of the IU family. Don't need 'em, don't want 'em, good riddance. Right? That's what I'm reading in this thread. They're quitters. We don't get to pick and choose which quitters we like. If they're quitters, forget them. There is zero difference between what Archie and Khristian did, and what Justin is doing. Some may disagree with that, and I expect people to type with their fists to explain why. But facts are facts. Both Archie and Khristian are quitters, based on how people in this thread define that term. We need to bring back Mike Davis and Dan Dakich as coaches (promote from within only), and only take players who guarantee to stay for four years. That's the plan. No more grad transfers coming, either. btw, when Smith was recruited, "three and a degree" was IU's main pitch. Our top selling point. He accomplished exactly that, from the business school no less. He could have gone to Stanford, which at one point was the favorite in his recruitment. Stanford has one of the top five average starting salaries for graduates in the nation, ahead of Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. (Indiana does not make the top 30). Justin bought in to what he was told at the time, and we treat him like this. To what point? What does it accomplish to smear a player like this, over and over and over? Can't we show just a little class? He deserves better. I wish him well, and fully expect him to have a terrific future. Good for him. The only reason I'm posting this is not to argue with anyone. Rather, in case Justin or his family sees it. I hope they do. But I'm not going to debate this. No one is changing their mind on this topic, so I'm shutting off the screen to go outside to enjoy the day. Cheers to all! Go IU!
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    I cheered for Grant Gelon at all 17 other schools he played for.
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    Agree on the insurance part. I had a large tree fall on my Sugar Grove house. It poked a hole through the roof and rained debris on my bed. State farm offered like $5000 to patch the roof and replace bedding, carpeting, etc. Luckily, I had had a roofer out who said patching wouldn't be effective. I had to hire a public adjuster. Claim ended up being near $100k including a new roof and bringing the house up to current code standards. Next house was covered by Allstate and when everyone in the neighborhood got a new roof from hail damage, I didn't. Switched to Country Companies and can happily report I was just approved for a new roof from hail damage to the house I moved into last year.
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    Just watch the halftime part. Or youtube it. It's worth watching. It's a happy and bittersweet moment.
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    I wish this topic would slowly sink to the bottom. Bottom line is Justin doesn't want to play for us anymore. Doesn't matter why. Time to move on.
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    Thought it would be nice to have a thread devoted to IU players in the Pros. We can track their seasons here. This first post will highlight those at the MLB level. I'll try to capture all the minor leaguers in a different post below. Using baseball reference as a resource, there are 4 former IU position players and 1 pitcher that played in the majors last year. Alex Dickerson (Giants) - Had somewhat of a breakthrough performance after being traded from Padres during the season Josh Phegley - (Cubs) - Non roster invitee for Cubs after spending least several seasons with A's. Senior member of the IU contingent. Kyle Schwarber (Cubs) - DH in NL for 2020 may increase his at bats. Swatted 38 bombs last year. Sam Travis (Rangers) - Non roster invitee for Texas after spending parts of last 3 seasons with Red Sox. Was batting .467 this spring before play was suspended. Aaron Slegers - (Rays) - Non roster invitee for Tampa Bay. Has pitched in 9 big league games over last 3 seasons with a 1-2 career record. https://www.baseball-reference.com/schools/?key_school=17a57ad2
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    48" muskie, caught it on a week long trip to Lake of the Woods in Canada.
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    My wife loves hiking. Her goal is to hike the Appalachian Trail. Because of work she has to do it in sections. So far she has hiked from the starting point in Georgia to Fontana Dam, North Carolina. Hopefully this fall she can resume her quest. Her first time on the trail she hiked with her cousin and last February she went by herself. I have attached a couple pictures of her all geared up.
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    Would be awesome if that entire group came back but the harsh reality of late makes it is difficult to imagine any team returning that many players. Transfers are the norm and if TJD has a strong season he's probably not hanging around. I'm waiting for the day they have a reliable group of four bigs, at least two point guards, at at least two wings with at least three out of the group can shoot from deep. Last season they only had 3 guards total who could play (only one of them a legit point) and most years they are thin up front.
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    They probably tie on flopping!
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    Growing up in Gary, Indiana. I always loved going fishing for perch with my dad in and along Lake Michigan. Loved going to the pier at Michigan City. Always caught perch. But my favorite memory is from when my dad rented a boat off of Miller Beach in the Miller section of Gary. Lake Michigan. We stopped first to get a full bucket of minnows for bait. Never far from shore, we landed in a huge school of perch. Catch one. Put another minnow on. The bucket we had for the perch became full, so we just put the perch in the boat. Ran out of minnows in short time. My dad started putting gum on his and my hook. Perch kept biting. Ran out of gum. So my dad took buttons off of his shirt. Perch hit on them as well. Boat bottom filled up with perch. Dad, said... I think we have caught enough for today. Landed the boat on the beach. Guy who ran the boat place came out for his boat. Took one look in the boat. And said...."How do you plan on getting all those fish home ? " Now... my dad was one who saw a car as nothing more than something to get from one place to another. And told the guy. Pull the boat up to my car. And " I will put them in the trunk of the car." Which we did. Car trunk had a deep lip. And we filled the trunk with Perch. Got home. Dad parked the car in the alley behind our house. Called every relative and family friend, and neighbor. Saying...." Come and get all the fresh Perch you want." And they did !
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    This IS a goat...
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    i quit all tobacco products many years ago. Still haunts me to this day.
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    I don't do this often but I am throwing out a warning. Bruce stops by here and traditionally has been a decent guy. I am going to blame calling members dense on Covid-19. Don't come on our board and insult us. If this was anyone other than Underwood you would have questions (and strong suspicions) too. Please remember where you are at. Thanks!
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    He makes a big deal about TJD 'already being 20 years old' and makes it sound as if that is a negative to his draft status. If Lander goes #17, IU should have a very good year
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    Yep, just like @mrflynn03 says, plant it deep with bottom leaves submerged. Another thing to watch for is to keep trimming the leaves that are close to the soil as it grows. I always try to make sure none of the bottom leaves are close to the soil when I water the plant, the water/soil splashing onto the leaves can cause infections. I like to keep a clean stem as it nears the soil. You are going to love tending to these guys as they grow, flower, and fruit! It's such a satisfying feeling when you start seeing results. One summer my wife came out on the terrace when I was manually pollinating some tomato flowers on some heirloom tomatoes with an electric toothbrush. That was kind of hard to explain. 😅 You can totally use mulch on top of soil. I don't, but many people do and it helps retain moisture a bit
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    I built this for our MI cottage but since it was underwater from the high lake levels, moved it to my backyard last year. This weekend I pressure washed it and restained it.
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    I have. Usually wrap meat side down with apple juice, vinegar, brown sugar and butter. I mentioned above that I’ve come around back to just 5-6 hours on grill because I like a little bite on them rather than completely falling off the bone. Also, something that I learned last year is that 3.2.1 isn’t for all ribs. Spare ribs are 3.2.1 and baby backs are 2.2.1. If anybody is interested, there’s a Facebook group that I’d recommend joining called BBQ Pitmasters Secrets. A lot of cool techniques and tips are shared by posters who range from casual smokers to chefs and restaurant owners. They’ll get into endless arguments about stuff like putting the fat side up or down on pork butts, but a good follow none the less. edit: @mrflynn03 the 1 in 3.2.1. isn’t for rest, it’s for saucing. You put back on the grill at low temp with sauce. Even if you don’t want sauce, you’ll need to dry them out a bit after the wrap.
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    I am an unapologetic RMK fan warts and all. I attended his basketball camps and spent some personal time with the man. Not as much as @Billingsley99, but I have to admit, this teared me up a bit
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    The real question is, his beer handling skills. Can he fetch you a beer while you sit in the lazy boy and indulge in sports?😁
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    THANK YOU JUSTIN!!! FOR YOUR TIME AT IU. I wish nothing but the best!!! GODS SPEED YOUNG MAN!!
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    Made some ribs tonight, didn’t make the pulled pork. Wasn’t too bad, I’ve made better, but I was also building shelves for our unfinished basement throughout today so I didn’t prepare the ribs or do much with them.
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    I liked your post because I hate that... If that makes any sense...
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    He's gone. Let this be the end. Quit, left for greener pastures, fulfilled his commitment...whatever...who cares at this point? His loss, he isn't an NBA player and he left what could have been a fun situation to chase a dream. More power to him. He owes us nothing and we frankly owe him nothing.
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    quit·ter /ˈkwidər/ Learn to pronounce noun INFORMAL a person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task. I think what we define as quitting is different from person to person but under this definition I would think it hard to call Justin a quitter. He didn’t just give up easily despite heavy criticism and difficulties within the team. Hard to say he didn’t finish his task as he graduated in 3 years. The complexities of playing on a college basketball team aren’t so simple or decisions black and white. In Justin’s eyes perhaps he accomplished exactly what he sat out to do. Just because his decision doesn’t fit our box for him doesn’t mean I’d characterize him as a quitter. Especially given the fact we know maybe 1% of his story or context about his decision. I think if we want to tread down the road of defining him as quitting on his teammates than I think we should be just as consistent about saying it about anyone that leaves the program voluntarily. After all even if it’s a kid getting no meaningful minutes on a team do we say he isn’t important to the “team”? The few minutes he does play, the hard work in practice, the encouraging his teammates, the sacrifice to a lesser role when they could go somewhere else and play. So if they stick it out to help the team why isn’t it quitting if they don’t? Why isn’t a star not staying quitting when they go pro? It’s because maybe it’s not just black and white...it has nuisance to the circumstances. Given we know very little of those circumstances maybe we should be a little more careful then to call out a kid. I mean the kid gets new teammates every year..other than Al all the teammates who he committee to play with are gone. So which ones did he quit on and if they were understanding of his situation and encouraging him to do what is best for him why aren’t we?? Or is it really some feel like he quit on them...which I think is what it’s more about. I may not think quitting is the right term without knowing the whole story but others might. If they are cool with judging without knowing the whole situation then I guess that’s their right.
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    This might be semantics but I wouldn’t say Justin Smith is a quitter per say, or overall in his life or anything. He’s played 3 years of high level D1 basketball. That’s hard. He graduated from IU in 3 years. That’s hard. But, I would say he has quit on his teammates. This is completely different than Damezi Anderson or Max Bielfeldt. Anderson was never going to be part of the rotation, most likely not even as a senior. College players only have 4years and want to be on the court, so it makes perfect sense for him to find a lower level where he can play. Max Bielfeldt had his scholarship pulled by Beilein, he had to leave Michigan or his college career was over. The reason I feel Smith quit on his teammates is because he was going to be a 3-year starter. He was coming off a season where he led the team in minutes. He was going to be a leader of this team on the floor, especially defensively, and off the floor. This is a program that hasn’t played an NCAA Tourmanment game since 2016 and he was going to be a leader in helping to end that streak. This isn’t a guy that’s transferring because he rides the pine or had his scholarship pulled, etc. He’s been given every opportunity to show he can play the position he wants, but he couldn’t do it. Now, his teammates needed a leader who would be willing to accept his role, which he would have been good at, to help them win and achieve the goals they’ve had together for 3 years. He has every right to be selfish. He has every right to transfer. He has every right to leave for a role he thinks he should have (though I don’t think it makes much sense). There’s nothing he’s doing that isn’t his right as a player, student and person. But, he did quit on his teammates.
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    We are a hunting and fishing family. My wife's family is originally from Wisconsin, where she grew up on the lakes. We spend most of our outdoor time now in Michigan. Fishing in Northern Michigan and Hiking in the UP.
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    Primarily trout in Colorado. Walking distance to Cherry Creek State Park from my house. Where the state stocks the water with trout, and walleye, at least twice a year. I like to check when the state has stocked the water. Those guys are the dumbest and easiest to catch. Over time, even though the have grown. They become smarter and harder to catch. LOL Thanks for starting this thread Justin. Beautiful family you have there.
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    Wait until you stumble on to the "remove the suckers or let them stay" debate for your tomatoes!
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    She did get some sun. I am going fishing in the morning. It will be the last time for a while as I am finally having hip replacement surgery on Monday.
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    Tammy and I just got back from the lake. It was a scorcher at 92 degrees. Fish were not biting but Tammy worked on her tan. We had 3 bites and I caught one small redear.
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    Bear with me on this. This guy is still considered by many to be on the outside looking in when it comes to meriting Hall of Fame induction. Joey Votto: Career WAR is 14th best among first basemen. Every retired first baseman ahead of him is in the Hall of Fame except steroid tainted Rafael Palmeiro. His career WAR is higher than 11 first basemen who are in the HOF (includes Eddie Murray, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Perez, Hank Greenberg, etc.) His career OBP of .4213 is best among active players and ranks 17th all time among ALL position players. The only other active player with an OBP higher than .400 is Mike Trout. He's led the N/L in OBP 7 times. His career batting average of .307 is 3rd among active players, behind only Miguel Cabrerra and Jose Altuve. He is an underrated fielder. Has won a Gold Glove and 6 times has led N/L first basemen in assists in his career. Check out this play he made with a runner on second to preserve Homer Bailey's no-hitter.
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    This is what I do for rib, but like TD said... the last hour for sauce.
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    Like most transfers, they all had their own reasons. DJ Williams and Coleman-Lands were Groce commits and didn't want to play for Underwood. Williams simply wasn't very good and JCL hasn't progressed beyond being a mediocre spot up shooter. Mark Smith wanted to be a PG but he's also a spot up shooter, left to play that role at Mizzou. Also didn't like to get yelled at by Underwood. Vessel and Eboigbodin were late adds to fill open scholarships, they left to find playing time at places more suited to their skills. Mike Finke didn't want to play a backup role at Illinois so grad transferred to Grand Canyon where he could play more minutes. His younger brother was also on the team there but has since transferred back to the midwest.
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    I can definitely attest that State Farm has went downhill... Had them in Florida for 2 hurricanes and they were great...when we moved to Chicagoland, they seemed to change and try to go on the cheap...my middle daughter had a car hit while it was parked and then got hit when the other driver was clearly at fault (and he had admitted it, and the police report said so) but they assessed her at 20% of the blame. They never pursued the first lady who hit her when her car (totaled) was parked outside her apartment...just made her pay the deductible and had it fixed. I got fed up and went to USAA in 2013. They've been great...
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    Darn, darn, darn man. Been there before last May when storms came in. My aunt lives in an old neighborhood in Carmel and she lost 4 trees that look to be size of this one.....as well as 2 small barns with a lifetime of crap in them. Took us all summer last year to get her yard back in shape. Nickel's worth of free advice. Don't rush back into getting it back to normal. My aunt wanted her yard back quickly and besides the normal tree and debris removal....we planted grass seed over a good chunk of the damaged areas. Didn't rake up well enough and this spring half the area is great and the other half still looks like crap. Be careful with insurance as well.....some tricky language in there on what's covered and not. Roof damage. Photos of everything included damaged parts but take your time. Glad no one was hurt!
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    I've done some turtleing. And alot of frog gigging. Believe it or not, the best place to frog gig is golf courses. Biggest bullfrogs you'll ever see.
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    I wasn't able to watch that game in real time, so recorded it on my Roku. After finding out how bad we screed up that day, I've never been able to watch it.
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    Well, after talking about it, we decided on bratwurst instead of brined pork chops (thanks @FritzIam4IU)... You can't find a butcher shop around here that sells them (don't have room with all the varieties of smoked sausages, chorizo, andouille, and boudin I guess) so Kirkland Brats will have to do... Did make up a batch of my pickled hot and sweet onions to dress them with...
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    From the Chicago Tribune... "Former Underwood assistant coach Lamont Evans was arrested Sept. 26 and charged with conspiracy to commit bribery and five other counts involving steering top recruits to financial advisers. The current Oklahoma State coaching staff retained Evans after Underwood left in March for Illinois. Oklahoma State fired Evans on Sept. 28." You can polish that turd all you want...he worked for Underwood, and he was dirty...
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    Aaannnndddddd que all the haters....."wrist didn't seem to bother him there" as they eat their mini-wheats (un frosted) before they push their ford truck to work.....up hill.....both ways....in 2 feet of snow.
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