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  1. too many stock photos, too little real photos. Come on fellas, make me hungry!
  2. Ballard can have a lifetime contract at this point.
  3. Oh my. It's a top-tier fast food burger. There's one down the street from my apartment. Highly recommend
  4. Request from the mod team: if someone breaks a rule, simply report it and don't quote it. When you quote it, we have to go through and edit the offending content out of all the posts, which takes a bit of time. Don't feed the trolls, report it, and we'll get on it!
  5. No way to use HTML in posts as it injects potential security concerns. The code button is meant to display code, yes. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss specifics -- obviously know ya/love ya so we can talk through how to accomplish whatever you're seeking to do.
  6. I bought a 27 inch computer monitor for this time of year. Let's ride!
  7. Bobby’s did a good one, I agree. Honestly don’t have a third but that speaks more to the bad selection of steak than anything tbh.
  8. I found Jankos leaving a bit to be desired, tbh, but would agree it's at worst a top 3 steak in BTown
  9. Yep. Big frustration has to be the committee saying all year that it would emphasize one thing and then... not doing so.
  10. Yeah, we didn't, but neither did some of the teams who got some over us... which somehow makes it even more frustrating.
  11. Committee just said they valued win/loss over NET. B1G going to a 20 game conference schedule probably just lost us the tournament (in addition to our own poor play, of course).
  12. Ha -- this one is right. Had a meeting cancel and had 30 free minutes to upgrade the site! Mostly technical and backend stuff.
  13. I'm not very good at sports or communication, so impressive he can do both together well enough to get a degree.
  14. Have we ever had a hot and cold player like Green? I’ve said several times I didn’t want him to play for us again and he does this. Fine Devonte. You win. I was wrong. Just more of this good and less of the bad please.
  15. I imagine not and I get it because defensive scheme is such a part of Archie’s identity as a coach but we need some kind of adjustments or we are going to have McRoberts leading a unit towards the end of the game. These fouls are adding up!
  16. Also wow Fitzner has completely fallen off the map. Lord.
  17. We were never going to keep shooting 68 percent so this is to be expected in some ways but, wow, the refs making this one ugly with the foul calls. Why not play a zone?
  18. Other HC's on Romeo (per The Athletic -- paywall, only copy/pasting the Langford bit).
  19. Hello all: I saw a thread where someone asked for new reaction options (instead of heart/trophy/etc) and, what can I say, we are here to please. Please link to any .gif images you want to see added to either the emoji set or the reaction page (indicating which) and I'll routinely add them.
  20. Members may now delete their own posts (I think...) Mod team talked, chat box is gone.
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