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  1. I am with this too. Durr isn’t incredible but I would like to see this.
  2. I agree, I think he’s been a plus player today.
  3. I totally get that. I still want TJD touching the ball more. That’s just my view
  4. And as the PG, XJ is in direct control of this. To not do so is his choice more than any other player. That is a very valid critique.
  5. Don’t ask us to ban people. PM or report. We aren’t going to hash this out in public.
  6. I think XJ is largely a plus player but even on a day like today when TJD. Is struggling, he needs the ball more. He’s an all American. We shouldn’t have XJ shooting more than TJD in any game.
  7. You don’t win too many games where your opponent is 9-14 from 3 and you are 2-11. That’s just math.
  8. Technical looked like a soft call in our favor but just about everything else has broken UM’s way today IMO
  9. We aren’t playing incredibly but they’re shooting really fricken well
  10. Xavier is just polarizing. He takes too many shots but this is what Woodson wants - he recruited him and would tell him to play a different way if he wanted. He wants a downhill, drive creating PG. I think on the whole he’s an important player, but he’s not our best player, and when he’s off it makes him look terrible because of his high utilization.
  11. I love a good suit. I had a family member work at Nordstrom fir twenty years - the discounts helped me buy most of what I own. I wear a polo or a button down and jeans or khakis most days. Shorts in the heat. I love a blazer with jeans and dress shoes. Add a nice watch and you look classy while still being Relatively comfortable.
  12. ^^ ahhhh, that makes more sense.
  13. For whatever reason, I think FS1 on the west coast has a different game on. That... is fricken annoying.
  14. What is the TV for this one? It looks like FS1, but I'm seeing MSU vs UM on in that time block..?
  15. Truly perfection. Nothing like getting up and watching NFL football at 10a.
  16. I have to admit, this is one of my more favorite threads.
  17. Trey is perfect for the bench. Sixth man. He can eat on second units. His lack of shooting is a vulnerability in a starting lineup IMO.
  18. This is a lot of the same team as last year - maybe it will finally kill the pack line defense? This is suffocating.
  19. Holder pretty much tweeted from Ballard’s mouth that rivers wasn’t happening.
  20. Ding ding ding - Disney wants to force people off YTTV and back into the arms of the most notable competition, Hulu, that it... co-owns. At the worst, they'll extract some major upgrades to the carriage fees YTTV pays. I look at the streaming services not as a cost saver but as a convenience saver. If I don't like it, I cancel. No contract, no boxes to return. Better user interface.
  21. People who don't reply all.... grrrr...
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