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  1. No argument there, 13, was referring to now known body of work.
  2. None of my comments are directed at anyone in particular, but the following are some recurring themes: 1) Brad Stevens: for those still dreaming about this? He is not coming to IU. I would be ecstatic if he did, but this dream needs a rest. 2) “An IU guy?” Why is there a belief this is the best path? Bob “freakin” Knight played at Ohio State and was coaching at West Point. This, to me, is both antiquated and self-indulgent. My wish would be an above board guy, who can coach his ass off. 3) Lastly, Alford? I would take another decade of Archie as long as Alford
  3. Have enjoyed reading through this thread. Was really excited when Archie was brought in to coach. Unfortunately, he has not been able to replicate what he did at Dayton. There are many aspects of Archie I personally like, but ultimately the trends are clear and we should not expect much variance from what we have now seen. A coaching change is needed, but my concern is that we slide further into mediocrity with a bad hire or “getting an IU guy.” As someone has pointed out, that sort of idealism has Michigan football in a slide of their own. Coaching replaceme
  4. This post is hilarious. Thank you. I needed a good laugh.
  5. Now is probably not the best time to remember Purdue ate our lunch in recruiting heading into next season: Furst and Kaufman. Yikes, gonna be a bumpy ride.
  6. A kind and gentle man, who truly loved IU. I will miss you old friend. Prayers for the family.
  7. James Blackmon to Kentucky, same year Alford came to IU.
  8. Hello, my friend. Yes, and Wafflehead Fred was there, too. Great visit. It would be excellent to see you again soon after these vaccines are released and this pandemic is subdued. Work is going well. Thx, and really good to hear from you.
  9. Regarding the already severly beaten “dead horse” of shooting. Remember when Kenny Johnson as recruiter focused on East Coast kids and right under Crean’s nose was Bryant McIntosh, who was an assassin from deep? Watched a bit of Clemson yesterday and off the bench, before even breaking a sweat, Alex Hemingway (Indy Elite) drilled a deep 3 from the corner. He didn’t hesitate he just drilled it. Luke Brown “wasn’t good enough” for IU. Probably because he can shoot lights out.
  10. Absolutely. And this is a sore spot with current coach. He flat refuses to make adjustments once starting lineup is set in his mind. Thinking back to a game last season when Hunter got extended time in a few games and his confidence soared. Al and Rob have had more than their opportunity to prove how they play and shoot. Neither would start for the type of team we all want to become. Bench players. Lander can’t shoot but I would take my lumps with him as he is easily the best ball handler on the team. Phinisee and Al both drove into traffic in shocking fas
  11. Indiana, under CAM, has become a very good defensive team. They are #12 in team defense in the country, and those stats are being built with an excellent pre-conference schedule. That said, their perimeter shooting must get better, or there will be numerous outcomes like last night. Texas game: 11 made field goals the entire game. No team wins when orange ball doesn’t go through iron ring. Last night: starters Durham, Phinisee and Franklin shot a combined 8-29 from the field, 2-11 from 3-pt range. I want these guys to win so badly, but am concerned t
  12. Al Durham has KILLED us with poor decisions, driving in traffic and generally sloppy play.
  13. As IndyPartizan predicted Nov 4, Galloway will start: Lander Durham Galloway Hunter Jackson-Davis This is my guess, yours?
  14. IU playing like the historic losers they are. Obviously spent the week caressing themselves and got high on their own fumes. Loser mentality for those who don’t know how to handle success. Not ready to play.
  15. Mods? Love ya, but seriously, can this thread be locked?
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