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  1. With Miller’s preference for upper classmen, I could see: Phinisee Green Smith and 2 of these 3 (DeRon, Brunk, TJD)
  2. My projected starters: Phinisee Green Hunter Jackson-Davis Brunk
  3. Hi Mile. Hope all is well with you. I believe he is slowly doing so, based on this and his visit to IU earlier this spring. I hope all is made right before it’s too late.
  4. A co-worker of mine went to her son’s baseball tournament down near Bedford this past Saturday. Bob Knight was there with Damon Bailey. Stand by for photo. I need to give privacy to the young person in photo.
  5. Goonaha? No issue with you personally, but you are speaking to The Godfather of HSN. He’s a good man, and a little context is necessary.
  6. Rico? That’s funny, but gotta give IK royalties. 😉
  7. Not even close to Big Ten caliber. Yes, have seen him play many times.
  8. On playing with Trendon Watford: that could be Memphis, LSU, Georgia or Indiana...if indeed they do decide to play together.
  9. Still supportive of Archie getting time, but just for something different. Lets say Archie leaves, what about Michael Lewis as next head coach? Instead of chasing the next name, what about one of our own, who’s tough as nails.
  10. Friends of HSN: Wanted to speak to two pervasive themes from recent posts. 1) fans are the reason for this mess, or unreasonable; 2) Archie is the problem. Regarding fans, IU has had, and always will have, an engaged, rabid following. Remember, in 49 states...? To expect fans not to experience frustration in the midst of this current freefall, particularly with the 12-2 start, is to ignore part of what makes Indiana Basketball what it is. Losing stinks, and I’ve yet to encounter a fan base in any sport who doesn’t get twisted when their team is struggling. Regarding Archie, the man needs 4 years minimum before his product can be judged. The impatience is really tied to the bumbling of the previous coach’s term, who was here about 6 years too long. In his 3rd season at Dayton, below how his team played. I’m going down on the Archie ship. He can and will get it done. There is no doubt in my mind. Patience is an annoying concept when things need to change, but Archie has the stones to clean house and revitalize the team attitude this off-season. Just because he doesn’t whimper to the media, doesn’t mean changes are not coming. Hang with Archie, friends.
  11. Genuine question, and some have been suggesting this: with the current losing what would be wrong with blowing up the starting lineup and trying something like Phinisee Al Romeo Jake or Cliff Morgan And then change rotation after that to: DeRon Cliff or Jake Race Thompson shifting guards around and moving bigs in for rest? Keeping Green, Smith and Fitzner nailed to the bench
  12. And nobody expected much from his team year one. Why call players out? Handle it quietly heading into off-season. One aspect of Archie I appreciate: the public doesn’t need to know all behind the scenes drama.
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