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  1. Fundamentals


    It could be Archie finds himself in the unenviable position of trying to keep Justin engaged because he knows the chasm it leaves in next year’s squad if he transfers. Juwan graduates, Romeo to the NBA. That said, Archie seems to be at his best when deck is stacked against him. We’d return very little experience but with Archie coaching and the deck cleared of drama, next year could definitely turn into a pleasant surprise.
  2. Fundamentals

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Virginia basketball is beautiful to watch. Execution, sharing, defense of course, elite coaching.
  3. Fundamentals

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Archie Miller is a competitor. The poor body language (not hustling back etc) may be because the last few days in Btown were tough ones for the players after coughing up a road win at Maryland. Archie is a bit of a throwback in that he does get intense and get after players. Is it possible some players were down or checked out because of it? Don’t know, just searching for answers like we all are. I feel bad for Juwan Morgan. Juwan represents everything right about being an IU player. Coaching change? Handled it like a pro. He has shouldered the majority of the load on the interior for 2 seasons. He has every right to be exhausted. I think the world of Morgan. For those who still remain positive in midst of dive: respect. I think this is going to get a whole lot worse. 3 of next 4 on the road (Indiana is 1-4 on road, winning by 2 at PSU) and the home game is Michigan. For peace of mind, I’ve adjusted my expectations and will not succumb to spiraling on the board. Appreciate all you IU fans. Hang in there.
  4. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Who is Tim Priller? Never heard of him
  5. Fundamentals

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    The new trend of slow-rolling the commitment is a huge turn-off. Perhaps in some cases it makes sense if there is a possible coaching change or waiting to see who will return the following season, but this one feels like grandstanding. To which my response is the same as Gene Hackman in Hoosiers, when he goes to visit Jimmy Chitwood shooting baskets on the farm. “I don’t care whether you play or not.” Give me a guy like Bryant McIntosh or Kyle Guy, both of whom wanted to play here except for the previous coach. If Brooks doesn’t want to play here after the attention IU has given him, move on, nothing here to see.
  6. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    17-18 roster was a hodgepodge mess with seniors who were unreliable. The vacuum left behind by the previous coach. Completely agree SIH26
  7. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Good assessments and appreciate your staying positive, too. I wish I could
  8. Fundamentals

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    6? You nailed this one. Of fouls called by that idiot, I’d love to know how many were called on IU and how many he called against Maryland. Same thing with him every game, home and away. Not sure why he has such wood against IU, but it’s discernible. Terry Wymer, same thing. And Lurch. Can’t think of his name.
  9. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    This team had some pre-January wins in which they beat solid, but not top 25 teams, and were thus not “penalized” for developing bad habits. Butler, Louisville, Penn State, Northwestern are all games referred to here as examples of this thought. As a result, coaching only goes as far as the thirst/need of the players’ receptivity to grow, push themselves to make changes. So, while they had some exciting wins, the in-game result was below their talent. This team has not played to their talent level yet. Injuries have been a factor, no doubt, but at some point that needs to be put aside as a crutch for staggering. Morgan and Romeo have been as advertised and true fans know their value. Rob Phinisee, Al Durham and Justin Smith are part of this group, too. After that it’s been underachievement (McRob, Fitzner, DeRon, Green) and not enough opportunity (Anderson, Moore, Forrester). Last night was a clear indication of the team’s mental weakness collectively. Morgan and Romeo individually are not part of that. Lastly, I love Archie, but his rotations last night crippled this team. A blind person could see that. Green and Fitzner don’t play last night and IU wins. McRob, while a high quality kid and committed team member is not the answer. Not sure whether it was a commitment to upperclassmen or practice-earned time, but Archie’s stubbornness to make in-game adjustments was the reason we lost. Last night also adjusted my expectations for this season. 12-8 in conference would be best case. They simply don’t have the makeup to win on the road and they will lose 1-3 games at the hall. I’m disappointed.
  10. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    This game was all about momentum. IU had it, didn’t value it, and gave it away like a case of crabs in the frat house
  11. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Spot on
  12. Fundamentals

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    He lost his starting job on St. Mary’s, a 1-team league (Gonzaga)
  13. Fundamentals

    Eight Game B1G Gauntlet

    This loss hurts, especially so because of the rare great start tonight.
  14. Fundamentals

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    IU gave up 51 pts in 2nd half, not good
  15. Fundamentals

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    Brother of BTown Hoosier. Share same bed in basement