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  1. Interesting to read thoughts on starters. Too many unknowns yet to have any sense of starters. That said, with new coaching staff, new beginning of sorts, one guy I am pulling for to reach his potential and get extended time: Jerome Hunter. If he can earn Woodson’s attention early, get in the mix of regular rotation, Jerome could take off. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see Hunter average 10 ppg or more next season.
  2. Masshole = Keion Brooks, Jr. Until he is in the portal: fantasy. Period.
  3. By week’s end: Franklin leaves X Johnson arrives Race leaves Brooks arrives??
  4. Nix that then! Hunter, Geronimo, Lander, and others will take off next year.
  5. Lander has the ability, but his confidence seemed rattled fairly early in the season. Would love to see Woodson hand Lander the ball, and simply guide shot selection along with shooting help. If his primary focus is controlling pace and distributing the ball, he could be a star in the making.
  6. With Fife coming, not asking for much. Bring Aaron Henry, Brooks enters portal and comes to IU, get Franklin back and let’s get to next season already.
  7. Just a hunch. Baylor finishing season last night...Xavier Johnson to Baylor, and would love to be wrong. What is needed more? A PG like Johnson, Cone, etc? Or, a scorer?
  8. Some of the early names are dropping off: Swider, Gurley, etc. It’s certain IU is snooping where we may not know, but I still would love to see Marcus Carr and/or J Mashburn Jr. in IU uni next season.
  9. Watched a bit of the 3A game with Trey Kaufman. Realizing this sounds like sour grapes, but he seemed slow, lazy...did I catch a bad segment? He has size, but did not see motor for next level of competition.
  10. FWIW, only two players listed as “transferring” (code for in portal) still showing on website Verbal Commits are Lander and Geronimo. That is a recent change in that Race and Aarman are no longer listed. Not sayin’, just sayin’
  11. Very anecdotal post: BUT... a few springs ago, I watched the EYBL event in Westfield. I was super-impressed by Cole Swider, who played for BABC AAU (Boston-area basketball club). The lad can shoot, big time. He is 6’9, can play 3 or 4. Just entered portal, and he will be a senior next season, but a quick fix as recruiting gets its momentum with new staff. He never really got into the rotation at Villanova, but the kid can play.
  12. Mods, reminder to change recruiting subheading.
  13. I approve of this message. Have no issue with a person of influence pointing toward us as a destination for a recruit, but no payments or benefits, please.
  14. Guys, as a reminder, TJD’s dad Dale Davis, played for Larry Brown with the Pacers. Woody knows what he’s doing.
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