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  1. Did not get to watch the game, but delighted with the result. Go Hoosiers.
  2. Latest KenPom has Rutgers at #32 and IU at #33. Further, 11 teams in Big Ten are in the top 38. IU could do wonders for their confidence by going in heads down and simply TCB. GO HOOSIERS!
  3. Especially proud of the Hoosiers extending their lead and pulling away from a darn good basketball team in OSU. Happy for Jerome Hunter. He’s been through plenty in the last year and to see him contribute positively was excellent. Great win!
  4. Fouls, fun thread, thanks. TJD: 35 Brunk: 28 Race: 25 Rob: (let him get his mojo back by playing through it): 35 Franklin: 25 Al: 20 Hunter: 6 Damezi: 6 Combined walk-on minutes: 20 Bob Knight doghouse: DeRon Davis, Devonte Green, Justin Smith I really believe deliberately limiting the minutes of this last group may have short term loss but long term gain, both this year and next
  5. Aha. My bad. Was thinking Kyle Taber. Now clear on the confusion.
  6. It was tongue and cheek. Point being cupboard was empty
  7. Here’s a sobering thought: after starting with Mike Roberts as his anchor in year one, Crean went 27-9 in year 4. I’ll bet all I own Archie won’t get to 27 wins next year. And I really thought Archie could come in and get it done. Sooooooo wrong. He’s in WAY over his head. Chris Beard is a fabulous coach on both ends of the floor, particularly defense.
  8. Here’s why I love my fellow IU fans. We’re smart enough to know 11-3 isn’t the problem, it’s that the 3 losses could have been wins with the right coach.
  9. IU should not be shy about making a change. This isn’t working. A short leash serves two purposes: it discourages cowards from taking the job for fear of being fired, and causes only those with big stones and confidence in their ability to step up.
  10. “See who actually wants to play”...spot on Damn shame Kelvin Sampson was a cheater, because he was the closest I’ve seen for 20 years in getting the max from his players and rewarding playing time to guys who fought.
  11. Because this is an online forum where people post as they choose.
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