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  1. Lance Stephenson was also an IU lean if i remember correctly.
  2. Agreed, this isn't working out. Will a change happen after the season? No. Should a change happen after the season? Yes.
  3. Was going to go fishing today on a couple of private lakes that's on a friend's property but he doesn't want anyone near the woods anymore. Said something about getting roared or yelled at a couple of days ago by something in the woods 🤷. Sigh. Going to Dale Hollow in a couple of weeks, gives me more time to prepare I suppose.
  4. TJD named the 4th best player in college basketball this season to date on ESPN (insider article). Still not on many, if any, draft boards for 2021 or 2022.
  5. With our team fully healthy, IU wins this one going away imo.
  6. Behind him......for now, but not liking what i'm seeing. Looks like the past few seasons and dont see how it's going to be any better next season at this rate... Small business owner.
  7. How are we looking going into next season (i already know the answer for our basketball team, see this season)?
  8. My assessment of the basketball program is we have a good football program despite the loss today.
  9. Overall a good year and a good run. Still not there yet but close. Let's see if they can build on this and enter next season with some fire. Now, let's see what the basketball team can do.....sigh. At least spring is right around the corner and that means camping and fishing.
  10. It was a good run. Good season. Let's see if they can get better and go forward.
  11. A good bloody mary is nice every once in awhile. Use Sugarland's maple bacon moonshine.
  12. I like some tequila at times as well. Definitely more for the summer for me.
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