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  1. Notre Dame, followed by Stanford, Washington and Oregon, rumored to be next.
  2. This, except kick Northwestern out and add one of Louisville, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Missouri, Iowa State or someone else.
  3. Probably Oregon for sure to follow. Still have heard rumblings of Kansas eventually as well.
  4. Sometimes I really really hate college football and how it’s driving all of these moronic moves.
  5. He was their Race Thompson, maybe just a little more clutch.
  6. Sucks. He was a terrific player for Purdue. Rip.
  7. Everyone wanted a tougher schedule, looks like we got one. Time to show up and show out.
  8. I hope the whole backcourt is taking 1k 3-pointers a day. We need them to be efficient to really have a run this year.
  9. I liked it better when it was played at neutral sites. Sea of red on one side and sea of blue on the other. Don’t know why most are hung up on the home and home aspect, there’s other big name programs we can get for that.
  10. Top 15-20 with TJD returning. If this team can learn how to hit threes and score consistently, could be a top 10 team and a final four darkhorse imo.
  11. Honestly if i was a player, I wouldn’t care. Costs would be covered either way and I could be making some extra as well.
  12. Yuri Collins, played for Saint Louis and led the nation in assists, has entered the portal.
  13. With Malik coming onboard, does IU take someone like Dexter and call it a day or are there any other targets?
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