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  1. I'd take two out of any of Keion Brooks, Tamar Bates, Jabari Smith & Noah Locke.
  2. Exactly. The game has changed, time to change along with it if there's any hope of this program contending and not being just another footnote.
  3. Woodson, Fife, Lewis and Hunter would be one of the very best staffs in the country if this happens. Add Sean May to DOBO, with Matta also around in another role. Wow. Still kind of surprised Woodson didn't bring an "NBA person".
  4. Hard pass. Might be able to get a gig at Iona though..
  5. Yeah, Adidas is more or less garbage. Would love to make the switch to Nike or Jordan Brand.
  6. As long as the candy stripes stay, change whatever needs to be changed to win.
  7. Nope, not concerned. I don't care at this point. Use every single possible advantage. Just win.
  8. Hate saying, probably going to take close to a miracle at this point.
  9. Perimeter defense leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. Great game by the lady hoosiers.
  11. I'd be aboard the Woodson train as long as he has a A-team staff.
  12. For myself personally, the frustration goes back years with the program. Besides a few runs and bright spots, a consistent dumpster fire mostly.
  13. I know. Just venting. Tired of watching a dumpster fire.
  14. I dont know who this program can hire honestly, most have shot offers/talks/interest down.
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