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  1. We just got out played. No excuses. We didn't play good defense. We didn't play good offense. We just didn't play well, across the board, except for XJ, he played really well. We usually only play 1 bad half of basketball and instead decided to play two. This type of game is more excusable on the road, but in our house after knocking off a top rated team. We should have been feeling unbeatable and curb stomped them. On to the next, lets take them to the woodshed
  2. Rob is a defensive player who when the stars align can hit some shots. But anyone who counts on Rob doing anything offensively is lying to themselves. He is the best option 2 we have. But thinking he will win games for you is fools gold. This kid is a senior. Not some freshman we don't how he will play or react. He is a really good defender who mostly can't hit the ocean while standing on the beach. It is not going to just click for him. I wish him well but i am over the Rob is going to turn the mantra.
  3. Its in a different forum. You have to go back a level and then you will see game threads
  4. Mostly because they don't move to get open. When was the last time you saw them running off screens,. curling through the paint or trying rub off a defender to get open. I am not calling them lazy but they don't seem to try very hard to get open when they don't have the ball.
  5. That's because teams won't leave him wide open along with most of their shooters for the entire game either. Its weird that it seem every team we play shoots out their minds on a regular for what, the last 8 years? Might not be the teams we play, but how we play those teams.
  6. It was a thing of beauty at times. I was like wow what a play on multiple occasions
  7. Their offense is multi dimensional. They move and cut and pass the ball really well. And shoot it will too
  8. Still an excuse. Legit sure but we still should have won. We have to play better
  9. The same thing was said by Purdue when they came to play us. It happens to every team every year. We should have won. We’re at home and have the talent. But not surprised we lost
  10. Expected it after how we played last week and how high the high was.
  11. Lander can’t make the game down by 16 with Less than a minute?
  12. He had no other opinion other than XJ sucks or whatever. No other posts. Nothing positive about anyone else. Just a XJ troll
  13. Why do we have Race shooting down 13 with little time. That is it offense?
  14. He would be if he worked to get open and shoot the ball. Instead he stand around allot
  15. I hate that Stewart was absent all game until the last 7 minutes of the game. If he scores 15-17 a game this is a different game
  16. Where there hell has Parker Stewart been all game. Why wait this long
  17. Can a mod please mute Coach Shep. He isn’t an IU fan. No posts other than to bash XJ
  18. We can’t make point blank shots. And we’re leaving them wide open for shots
  19. Let it go man. Your only post are about XJ. FFS just shut up and go away
  20. Honestly Stewart don’t really work hard to get open in my opinion
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