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  1. Do you all have BBops in Indiana? Great burgers & fries for a great price. It is my go to for fast food here in Iowa.
  2. Depends on how much NIL is involved.
  3. Luke Brown back to Stetson. IU/Norte Dame/ Butler/ Stetson/ BSU/ Stetson and info on the matter? Seems odd that he would go back there after leaving abruptly.
  4. What kind of dog is Winston? He looks just like my dog Ted when we first got him.
  5. Sounds like his dad may be an issue also.
  6. Did you think IU would finish 10th this past year?
  7. They have better stache wax around Bryant.
  8. The 80’s movies are definitely the best
  9. Haven't heard that in a while. lol
  10. Should have gone with a sativa.
  11. You guys are probably too young to remember Bernard P Fife.
  12. That’s where the discrepancy of was it 140 or was it 90. It probably was 140, but by the time Fife was able to get the radar on the vehicle, it was only going 90.
  13. If this is the type of culture IU did going to allow, they need to bring Kelvin back ASAP. Some of you with your double-standards is laughable. IU is a shat show.
  14. How many breaks do you allow a kid to have?
  15. I'd take another vacation.
  16. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  17. Is APR still a thing? Haven’t heard that for several years.
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