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  1. I actually agree with Pitino... Right now, we don't know much about a timeline regarding treatment and vaccine. So basing any opening on medical discoveries seems dumb. In addition, God knows everyone is really itching to see sports. But if we do get better specifics about either a vaccine or treatment, and it's clear that things will be getting safer soon, why not wait? It's not just basketball- think about school. If a vaccine and/or treatment has been verified in December or January- but needs time to be produced and distributed- why not take a month off of school and add extra time in June? Why go to school or play basketball when it's dangerous if you know it will be significantly safer in a month?
  2. Funny you bring this up. 1. I had a fairly good friend on the Valpo coaching staff 2014-15 seasons. The Valpo free throw had faded by then and while some used it, others didn't. They brought back the valpo free those two seasons and shot very well- 78% in 2014 and 76% in 2015. I didn't follow the teams after that and honestly don't know if this continued. 2. Virgil Sweet is 93 and still in the news...don't worry...for good reasons,,,https://www.tbnweekly.com/coronavirus/article_1b84976c-9553-11ea-8062-eb937ce240cb.html
  3. You're forgetting about..... ok....yea....you have a point
  4. If TJD leaves- we're almost certainly gonna be playing small ball in 21-22 with Race as the center. It's not the end of the world, but just the reality of the situation. And while I like the players we're in on in 2021, including Miller, I don't see us getting a Zeller or TJD that can play the 5 well right away. Maybe we can get a transfer- but even then- that player will likely be flawed. If we're lucky- maybe we get a Joey brunk. Ultimately- the issue with our roster construction is we didn't get any good long-term big men in 2018, 2019, or 2020 besides Race. TJD is great- but it's unlikely he's here after next year. I'm sure Archie tried. Forrester might have been a good option. Garcia would have also solved a lot of issues too. As far as Miller goes- If he's the 65th best player in the nation and a good shooter, get him. Period. You just don't pass on a guy like him. After seeing a lot of Archie teams now that are quite ugly offensively and lack outside shooting- I would greatly enjoy watching a big man that can shoot from outside.
  5. And what holds the backboard/rim 10 feet in the air? A pole Louisville might have a better chance than we thought.
  6. We're optimistic about next season- largely because we believe Rob, Jerome, and Race are healthy and going to have a good season. In addition, we think Lander could provide relief if the injury bug hits Rob again. Rob's injuries in particular have absolutely crippled us in previous seasons. National media people don't really know this. They see Jerome as a guy that averaged 3ppg, not as a major recruit who shook rust off and began to shoot well. They look at Rob as a guy that shows flashes, but is average. Race averaged 3.7 ppg. And they're probably unaware that Lander will likely play next year. Also- the last time the national media bought in to us a bit was probably early in the 18-19 season. We know how that ended. The national media bought in to us in 2016-17 as well. We haven't exactly rewarded national media figures that have bought in to us in previous seasons. I think we'll be good- but there's going to be some reluctance to buy in to us by national media figures initially.
  7. Has anyone really ever explained Rob's injuries this season? He did not seem like himself- especially in the beginning. By the end- he seemed to round in to form to a certain extent, but it was such a gradual process. I still think he's really the key next season- although I acknowledge Lander could possibly be a better alternative. But I just hope we have a sure handed point next season that's got enough talent to punish teams for hounding us on the perimeter. With how turnover prone we were at times this season, I couldn't watch. It drove me nuts
  8. As a teacher- I don't want to throw too much of a pity party. I know every job has its BS. And yes- we get the summers off. I think there's just a lot of pressure at the administrative level to impress the powers that be. This has led to lots of changes that make things really complicated. One law says this....another school district policy says this....seems like there's something new every year. By the time you've taught 15 years you realize there's absolutely no way you could do everything you're supposed to do. Everyone is trying to meet some insane standard, which means they usually just lie. What drives me craziest is I feel like I'm lying all the time. I just say I do things in the classroom that I don't do. I say that I individualize my lessons, make modifications, use elements of Marzano, blah blah blah....I don't. I can't. I would never see my wife and two kids if I did. So that's my number 1 beef about teaching right now. It's not the kids, or the technology, or the parents. it's the top-down management from the state that causes schools to prioritize meeting the demands of the politicians and policies, not the kids. Ronald Reagan once said..."Government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem." Legislators in Indiana should adhere to this.
  9. Too much is made of the ....."this guy develops NBA players" debate. Hanner Perea was once a top 10 recruit as a junior. Victor barely cracked the top 150. OG didn't crack anyone's top 150. Is Crean an idiot because Hanner didn't develop? Is Crean a genius because Victor and OG blossomed? Same program. Probably many of the same drills. Far different results.
  10. I think it's Archie's team, and that's a good thing. Dan Dakich is a polarizing figure and I completely understand why, but I do agree with him when he talks about how awkward the team seemed with Romeo. I think his stardom was a little to much for the team to handle. I'm not saying anyone necessarily did anything terribly wrong, but the team just seemed to have an awkward feel to it. Coaches and players probably tried to treat Romeo like anyone else, and despite their efforts, it was probably hard to have a guy like him be "one of the guys". Hopefully- things are different this year.
  11. Robert Phinesee scored 2 pts on 1-6 shooting when he was a Jr All Star. Maybe we should have let him go to another school too.
  12. We have 4 scholarships available. We haven't made the tourney in the last three seasons. Ummmm....are we really questioning recruiting a top 100 player from Indiana...one we have a decent possibility of signing? Oh wait....I forgot...he didn't score a lot in an All-Star game.
  13. I'd take both. You could definitely play with two of the three on the floor...Armaan, Leal, and Galloway. We have four scholarships available, and after last year's season, I really don't think we're in a position to be too selective. Load up on guys like this, and maybe a difference maker emerges later on...or perhaps in 2021.
  14. Not gonna lie I am very skeptical of this hire and I'm shocked a program like Michigan would do this. There's always a chance I'll be wrong, but I expect Michigan to be hiring a new coach in 2-4 years.
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