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  1. Great stuff Coach. Can't wait until you get to break down the Hoosiers this fall.
  2. came back to the site with Google through Chrome and still having the same problem. Any suggestions ? thanks
  3. Are you connected by mobile (phone), a computer, or other? Connected to computer Please list your technology brand, specifications (e.g. operating system), and browser. Microsoft and duckduckgo Have you cleared your cache and restarted your computer? If no, stop here and do so. Only continue if problems persist. Did restart computer with no change Describe your problem in as much detail as necessary. -- can't go to previous page or next page on any given topic. There is no prompt for previous or next, only the page number and what appears to be a drop down to load a di
  4. I'm having trouble viewing pages. I'm getting an error message saying autofill for pages is unsecure and is turned off. How do I enable it ? Please help
  5. Correct me, but when I watch Arkansas, Smith doesn't seem to be doing anything different than what he did at IU. He still can't shoot, but the offense they run gives him many more opportunities to use his talents because defenses don't have three guys in the lane .
  6. If he was such a terrible coach, why did the Knicks rehire him as an assistant? Why was he a head coach for 10 years ? Surely it wouldn't take 10 years to discover he couldn't coach
  7. Well, you could turn that around and say, he's coached pros for years, who would think he wanted to coach college except for IU? Maybe years ago he told colleges no thanks. No inside knowledge.
  8. I'll say one other thing. These games have made very clear to me that the Big 10 needs to only hire referees who work in the PAC
  9. I would think you would hang to that last timeout to see if they committed the six foul.
  10. So right. But don't expect anything to change
  11. Can't thank you enough. Been lost for two days, wandering aimlessly in the desert.
  12. Scott, I get we don't know what the loopholes are, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Just like my accountant knows a little more than I do about tax breaks. I'll you what, I live in SEC country. Go find on the internet where some USC blogger got a list of all the Bama recruits posing with their new cars. Some 30 pictures were posted of Bama football players posing with cars that are more expensive than I own. Now Bama has never even been investigated, mush less cited. It is common understanding here that Bama has their lawyers making sure that there is no question they meet NCAA regula
  13. Sorry IU Scott. I appear to be a bit of thread killer. It was an excellent post
  14. Agree completely. I sent a letter to Coach Miller last week thanking him, his staff and the young men for the effort this year and the way they have represented IU. I said that didn't mean I felt great about the season, but I told them that I was praying for them all (which I continue to do) and that I hope they persevere and rediscover the joy of playing this game we all love. I think that even though we are not happy with the results, many of us feel the same.
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