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  1. I've tried to make similar points elsewhere, but you have stated it much better than I. I would make one other point. Other than the OSU game , when has this defense during Big Ten games turned the other team over for easy scores. When you can't shoot, walking the ball up and playing slow, methodical defense won't work. If you look at teams that are successful nowadays, they pressure the ball outside the arch and deny passing lanes.
  2. No doubt we are a terrible shooting team, but my eyes tell me that very few of these players are shooting with confidence. I'm not smart enough to know whether it is coaches telling them to hesitate in order to look inside or some other reason. Just look at Rob. He shot much better earlier in the year, but since he has returned from concussion protocol he has not shot the ball very well.
  3. MSHoosier

    Ohio St post game thread

    Three straight trips down the floor with a chance to take the lead. If I remember right, one missed drive by Romeo and two turnovers. Painful.
  4. MSHoosier

    Ohio St post game thread

    Totally agree. Can't say its Archie's second season. Holtman is in his second season and that didn't stop him from calling a game winning play.
  5. MSHoosier

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    I'm with you, some of those shots were unreal. Others may be able to address this point better, but its my experience that when you let a good shooter get comfortable, they make more tough shots, and I thought last night, and especially against Nebraska, we let them get comfortable.
  6. MSHoosier

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    While that may sound like a good defensive percentage, many of those 10 misses by other players were good shots, the shooting in the first half by Iowa was the biggest reason they had a 10 point lead at half, and it is really flawed if you intend to give them up to the other team but don't shoot them (well) yourself.
  7. MSHoosier

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Agree. I can't believe how many times i've seen a team come to AH in the last two years and get comfortable shooting from three. Also, I don't know much, but how come it is so easy for teams to feed the post against us. I thought I used to hear commentators say you have to challenge the entry pass and make it difficult. Our defense seems designed to make every team comfortable rather than nervous.
  8. MSHoosier

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    As inconsistent as Devonte was, he wasn't the main reason we gave up 42 points in the first half. This game was really lost in the first half.
  9. MSHoosier

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    I'll keep harping on this. Three point defense really flawed. Can't win anything the way the game is played now if you can't defend the three
  10. MSHoosier

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    I've asked many times and I will continue to wonder why so many teams shoot 3 pointer well against IU? Iowa doesn't have many guys that can drive and yet our closeouts allow them to shoot freely. Just doesn't seem like a winning strategy
  11. Agree with this. I will continue to point this out and maybe (hopefully) someone can show me where I am wrong, but I don't see where this defensive system has helped anyone win a title. Bennett has not made final four. Sendak, Miller's coach, never made a final four. Brother Sean, never made final four. On the other hand, teams that emphasize taking away the three and playing more pressure defense, playing up tempo offense and using the 3-point shot seem to have won most of the titles in the last decade. Maybe we are heading for a new era. Since I love defense and I can't shoot it would please me. I pray this is true.
  12. MSHoosier

    Purdue Post Game Thread

    I think I've said this elsewhere, and I hope he proves me wrong, but his defensive philosophy still seems suspect to me because it gives up too many good looks from "3", and his offensive philosophy doesn't stress the 3 enough, nor does it stress the "mid-range" which actually may be more important. If you can hit a 10-foot pullup jumper in the lane, suddenly the defense can't guard anything. Look at what Watson did to us against Nebraska. Of course I've never coached at the high school or college level, so I could be crazy. Hope I am.
  13. MSHoosier

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever get a "full team of Miller recruited players" because there will never be enough of them healthy to be a "full team"
  14. MSHoosier

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    This. I have said since day one that defense and shooting at the rim is not going to win a championship. I hope Coach Miller changes his philosophy in the coming years.
  15. MSHoosier

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Here is what I don't understand. Why is it better for a senior ( i.e. McRob and Fitzner) to play and make mistakes rather than a sophomore. It seems to me that the sophomore at least has the chance to get better and contribute in the future.