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    Your Other Starting 5

    And correct me if i'm wrong, but i remember Buckner played one or two years of football at IU and was an all-conference safety
  2. MSHoosier

    Your Other Starting 5

    And was admittedly a small but important part of an Olympic championship team.
  3. Don't think I've told this story about coach Davis, but my son went to his basketball camp one summer. We are from Mississippi and some of you probably remember that Davis, from Alabama, was close friends with the Ole Miss coach. When he learned my son was from Mississippi, he called the Ole Miss coach on his cell phone right in front of my son and put my son on the phone with him. Class act by a good man.
  4. I think you have hit the heart of the problem. There will come a game in the tournament where no matter how highly ranked your defense was coming into the game, you are getting lit up and you won't win unless you can keep pace offensively. That's what it appeared to me happened to Michigan in the final.
  5. Could not agree more. But I like to think about it in even simpler terms. If your team can average 74 points, then thee more steals/fast break buckets move you to 80. Moreover, fast break buckets don't have to mean breakaways, it just means beating the other team up the floor for a high percentage shot. Now this brings me to my biggest concern. If steals or turnovers help you get better offensive numbers, and i agree that offense is probably most important, then your defense should attempt to maximize the opportunity to steal the ball or create turnovers. While the packline defense appears to be good at field goal percentage defending, it does not seem to me, and my admittedly limited understanding, to allow the offense to take the fullest advantage of aggressive offensive opportunities. I guess what I am wondering is, will slow it down defense allow us to play hurry up offense? I hope Archie proves me wrong.
  6. Jerry, same here. 1979 grad. Remember well that NIT championship. Remember 1976 even better. Never had any of the albums, but still have a turntable from 1981 if i can track down a copy.
  7. MSHoosier

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    I appreciate Victor calling the officials out. In the NBA, they will walk all over the Pacers unless they keep fighting the front office.
  8. I don't know how anyone could read that article and not root for this kid, IU grad or no. I got chills just thinking about Indiana basketball. Down here in Mississippi football is everything, but even that doesn't compare to the reverence displayed by our (Indiana) basketball crowds.
  9. MSHoosier

    2002 Duke Game

    I was in a sports bar in Jackson, Mississippi near my home, but no one else was interested in the game, and I had to get the bartender to specifically call up the game on only 1 tv. I screamed when boozer missed the put back, and everyone else in the bar turned to look at me like they thought I been stabbed
  10. MSHoosier


    Quick question, Why aren't they called the "Soilermakers" ? or perhaps "Soilamakers"
  11. MSHoosier

    Rutgers Postgame Thread

    Got to agree in part with Montana. I've waited all year to be encouraged about the offense, but even given the roster issue, this offense doesn't appear to generate enough good shots to compete for a championship. Hope I'm proved wrong with a little better roster next year. The better teams average in the 80s.
  12. MSHoosier

    UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    Maybe ucan explain this to me. From what I remember, the reports were that the professors doing this were basketball fans. Why are they not considered boosters? If I recall correctly, even a booster giving benefits to kids not connected to the university athletics (in this case other students) does not absolve the institution from a boosters' behavior. This isn't an institution question, to me, but rather professors giving athletes an impermissible benefit.
  13. MSHoosier


    First time poster. I too have been a lurker for years at various sites. IU grad who was a freshman in 1976. Thanks for all of you who help make following the Hoosiers the joy of a lifetime. Looking forward to this season with our new coach.