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  1. The Cardinals won each game by 1 run. In the history of the rivalry has a team ever done that to the other on the road. Or heck even at home
  2. Why did it take so long to build a competent team? What followed that 5th year? What followed his 8th year? Crean is a guy that needs to rebuild he doesn’t understand reloading and for the money he was being paid he needed to have a decent team more than 3 out of 9 years
  3. Averaged a batter every 50 seconds.
  4. The death penalty was dealt by hiring Tom Crean. Not the sanctions handed down by the NCAA
  5. If they could make it to the 6th tied at least would be nice
  6. If the Pirates could offer a little bit of fight today that would be great.
  7. They will buy his parents a house. Thus close to his new home.
  8. You are describing only a small subset of the college athletes experience. And even then still glamorizing it to fit your narrative
  9. And they won’t be professional athletes. Kids will simply be able to make money from their likeness. Like everybody else is allowed to And that doesn’t make them professionals. Tons of kids who will never get paid to play will benefit from this. But you seem more concerned with sticking it to those uppity kids than actually thinking this through
  10. So the solution is don’t work towards the career that you are able to do for millions of dollars? Pretty fair stance
  11. Yeah thinking a kid is going to patiently wait in line just screams not having dealt with them.
  12. If TJD is better than Non concussed Phinisee we are going to be pretty good.
  13. Romeo would have been able to do commercials. And I think they can even sign a shoe deal. Shoe companies will be thrilled.
  14. Regardless of his ranking that some prestigious company to be included with
  15. Let’s us focus on an Indiana kid this weekend.
  16. When did 247 last update their rankings?
  17. Ok what’s the most up to date affordable source of ESPN and FS1. YouTube TV still a legit option ?
  18. Technically more time did occur and the signing will happen in November.
  19. So a sub 200 ranked recruit is comparable to a top 50?
  20. These things happen thus class size isn’t as big a deal.
  21. In order to achieve that balance Archie had 2 transfers and a one and done depart.
  22. My wife and I both have Toyota’s and ever since we bought them we have more disposable income because fewer car repairs. I had a pricey repair lately to my A/C system but that’s it. If it weren’t for the kid probably wouldn’t have even fixed it
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