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  1. Which should move Purdue to the one slot. It will be short lived. The B1G gauntlet is going to take a few notches out of their belt on the road. I’d say they might make sweet 16 then pork chop burns traditionally.
  2. Honestly the way Syracuse shot the ball, previous teams would have had the deer in headlights situation and folded. This squad fought. With the way IU played the first half, they needed to lose. I mean really. You can’t go on the road and play careless for the first 20 minutes and expect to win. The lazy effort started before this game. Additionally, I’m so sick of these short stack, striped Oompa Loompa refs not being able to see above the knee caps.
  3. Trace limping off the court gave me visions of how really bad this season could be without him. Never been so glad to lose with him being ok
  4. I remember those days all too well. Weird thing is it really worked.
  5. Someone give me your finger nails to bite
  6. All I care about right there. Trace is ok
  7. I don’t know @Parakeet Jones. You may be right. Cuse looks a little shook atm
  8. Tied at 10:50 just making notes here
  9. This board riding the game roller coaster & looking like…
  10. Fellas we can have conversation without name calling and bickering
  11. I don’t really see anyone over reacting regardless of age. IU played a terrible 20 minutes.
  12. That first half looked like typical IU
  13. Download the “simple radio” app and listen to fish on 105.1
  14. Sound like PGA tone to me. I’m not sure basketball is their thing
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