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  1. He will go, his dad is old school when it comes to stuff like this.
  2. Was talking to his dad recently. Didn't say what schools but apparently he said there's a lot of power 5 and blue blood interest in him. Easy to see why, by the time he's a junior, I think he's gonna be top 5 in the class maybe top 3. His upside is insanely high with his height, ball handling, athleticism, and playmaking. He fits the mold of positionless basketball.
  3. During this past weekend in Indy he averaged 20 plus points and double digit boards.
  4. I don't take much into ESPPN rankings due to them not updating a lot of their recruiting stuff. But Jalen is ranked 13h in the 2025 class. I think its definitely a fair ranking. When he matures and gets that mindset to go get his own bucket he will be a top 10 player. He's also playing up this year for AAU playing for Indy Heat on the EYBL circuit.
  5. Pretty positive XJ is returning. Still see him on campus and he is in one of my classes and he still attends. If he were to leave he wouldn't go. Durr was in the class as well and when he announced he was leaving he stopped going.
  6. I get what your sayin about JHS and 11ppg, but he's playing against the best teams in the country every game and he's playing with Whitehead, Reneau, Evans and Dillon Mitchell. He's not on that team to score he's there to run the offense.
  7. Have a feeling he could legitimately end up top 30 in his class
  8. Not trying to "wad" up his life but if there is anyone who knows what a punishment is gonna be like its going to be someone within the program. In my eyes Woody is still trying to build his culture and I feel like he may think this would be a starting point with saying that he isn't gonna tolerate this stuff.
  9. The thing I notice most when watching MV play is how much more free flowing their offense is when Jalen is out there. No hate because he is going to PU but when Lawhorn is out there is just seems like they have not as much motion and less ball movement.
  10. A friend of mine actually happened to be in the jail when X got there and from what he told me X seemed like he understood what he did and the punishment he is gonna face. X told him his side of the story and he said that X was saying that he just ruined his life. With him saying that wouldn't be surprised if he isn't on the team next year.
  11. Knew about this about this before it got reported, word gets around fast in Bloomington
  12. Tanner Holden from Wright St. transferring to Ohio St. Averaged 20 a game this year with 7 boards.
  13. Finished with 7 PTS 8 Assists couple steals and boards
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