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  1. https://247sports.com/Player/Ben-Gregg-46059297/ According to 247 we haven't offered
  2. Read on cuse.com that Allen Griffin has two sons A.J and Trey. Pretty sure it is his son
  3. I watched him when he played against my school this year. Elite passing ability and can score whenever he wants. He only had 12 against my school but he and 6 other players fouled out because the refs called 51 total fouls. He has an offer from Indian Wesleyan.
  4. He helped lead Center Grove to a state championship game as a sophomore.
  5. Saw Caleb at Panda Express on Friday after his EYBL games.
  6. He will be streaming his announcement on his Instagram if you were curious.
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/Kendall-Brown-46057211/ Has an offer from IU and is a 5 star.
  8. Im pretty sure he posts his own opinions when it comes to predictions but when it comes to edits he pretty much only posts them with the permission of the players, but thats just my knuckle head guess
  9. Looking at 247 it says we haven't offered, do you think we will when he visits?
  10. Beverly has posted on his Instagram story that he is taking an unofficial visit to IU
  11. Dad is a great guy. When I went to the sweet sixteen game in Atlanta when Christian played, the whole family was walking in as we were and him and my dad got to talking about ball and he had a sincere care for me playing ball.
  12. Read he had 38 points and 12 boards against IMG Academy
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