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  1. What school New Pal is in my old schools confrence?
  2. With alums like R.J. Barrett, Scottie Barnes, Cade Cunningham and Jalen Duran, absolutely have no issues with it. The prep kids want to go pro as fast as possible and playing for a former NBA coach like Woodson has to be tempting for these kids.
  3. The student section will be rolling at maximum capacity
  4. Took an unofficial to IU yesterday, plays at Bloomington North and plays for Indiana Elite. Unranked for class of 2023 but has offers from IUPUI, Bradley, NIU, Miami OH, ISU, Akron, Stetson and Umass based off his Instagram. No offer from us but could be something to keep an eye on. 6'6 PF.
  5. Sept. 18 is a great day to visit as we play top 10 Cincy in football and its also parent week.
  6. Only thing I found was an offer to Fort Valley St.
  7. Been a while since I've been on boys, moved into Bloomington for freshman year and the buzz around the team and Jalens commitment down here is getting crazy!!
  8. I've watched him play a couple of times. Great shooter and I would say his court vision is some of the best I've seen from a HS guard and I've watched Darius Garland, Andre Curbelo and many others. The only knock I have against him is his emotions. He came and played my HS and we are defiantly not a basketball school and we beat them by a fair share. He played pretty bad that game and when they got down he got very angry and it didn't help his cause. I think he will be a great player wherever he goes he is just going need time.
  9. Received an offer from App. St, nothing insane but figured I'd just put it out there
  10. Pullin for Loyola Chicago, got a family friend on the team.
  11. 100% get what you mean, idk I just feel like when I see Kristian play he just doesn't seem have any confidence, but its hard to get any when you play 5 mins. each game
  12. The kind of confidence only comes from playing time and a whole lotta of it
  13. Braden had a monster game against Muncie Central, 31,9,6
  14. https://247sports.com/Player/Ben-Gregg-46059297/ According to 247 we haven't offered
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