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  1. That’s what crazy, delusional IU fans do on Rivals. This is what I want to tell them…….and some of us on here at times 😆
  2. Just from CTA’s post game vibe…..I get the feeling Penix is on thin ice right now
  3. Me either….. my point is evert single game on our schedule will be tough to some degree
  4. Wonder what CG recruit Curry feels after that game?….
  5. ….was a matter of time if unfortunately true…I hate to say that, but I always worried it would happen
  6. Post game comments from CTA, …. he was stewing over that call when Fish asked him about it
  7. Sitting in my car after the game….. something that sticks out big to me is Penix’s “type of picks”…. Each of those three turnovers by #9 were when he was in the pocket too long. He needs to scramble more under duress! The O line has not measured up to this point!!!! In my opinion Penix and the O-line is on watch… JMHO
  8. IU slated to were the red Adidas throwbacks on Saturday. Man, those uni's were fun to watch when Anthony Thompson wore them........ Human FREIGHT TRAIN!!!!
  9. This is so great to hear, but I guess I don't understand that student seating process. Are students camping out because there are not assigned seats in for students in the student section? Since I have season tickets and a parking pass, my big stress is making sure I arrive early enough have a good parking spot to tailgate.
  10. I’m in the purple lot gate 11. Right as you come in
  11. We’re about 35 mins. away. Can’t wait to crack open one of my Space Dusts!😋
  12. Love those Patios! Found them in my Upland variety pak!
  13. You mean “mommy” babysitting yer’ pups?🤓
  14. Love this pic!!!! What an awesome opportunity for every single player on that field, with dreams of playing college football, to play and showcase their talents in front of CTA and Co. I’m sure most, if not all, Bloomington South/North football players would be honored to play at IU and CTA if given the opportunity. While watching his future recruits play, CTA has the opportunity to see other, less know player's that strike his attention. Even if he doesn’t see them playing at IU, most “honorable” coaches look out for fellow coaches for players too.
  15. .....funny you said that.... I had to look up effect/affect before I made that post to Rico. I'm an idiot....
  16. Yes.....I can see a lasting affect in your grammar skillset....🤕 "Guys like him are why I was injured a lot playing football." lol..... Just funnin'!
  17. All due respect Rico, very impressive times. Though since this thread is about Tyreese,...........head to head, who wins? Young Rico in his prime or current IU football prospect Tyreese? 🤔
  18. I just found this updated depth chart and has Zach Carpenter as the #2 behind Powell at #1 for starting center. https://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/depth-chart/indiana/90728
  19. .....loved hearing that RB, David Ellis and OL stud, Luke Haggard are back from injury and will be ready to play their first game Saturday. I still have not heard any updates on starting OL center, Zach Carpenter......
  20. Did you ever think that the play calling was intended to be a bit vanilla for Penix's sake. I know Coach said he was 100% ready, but was he 100% mentally? I'm sure the coaching staff caught on right away that Penix was off from the get go. I'm not making excuses, but really,.....Wasn't our offense a it boring and plain last Sat.? If eit got any more complex with Penix's poor start, it would have snowballed. Besides......Iowa played two deep safeties almost the entire game with constant pressure on the the QB.
  21. Yep....When I was attended West Middle School there, he went by Dick, later went to Richard. 🤪
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