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  1. Purdue doing what Purdue does ever year 🤣
  2. Let me guess CMW, you have got to find a way to get them over the hump? You can’t beat Rutgers…at home…on senior night…with a tourney bid on the line? I am done, see you all next year.
  3. We just need CMW to get them over the hump 🙄
  4. Que the press conference quote from CMW “I have to find a way to get them over the hump”. For goodness sakes, can you get them over something else? Maybe a speed bump? Maybe a pothole? Anything but “the hump” coach!
  5. I thought the same thing but couldn’t bring myself to post it. Sucks to be what we have become…a bottom tier team year after year with no reason to believe things will change any time soon. At least we aren’t Nebraska, yet.
  6. Was looking at the standings, and if we had finished the wisky game, we would be 6-2 and in 2nd place in the B1G. It’s so nice to enjoy IU basketball again, it has been a long time.
  7. The guards will probably forget to feed the post. And CMW will tell us, for the 1000th time, he has to get the team over the hump.
  8. Que the CMW just needs HIS players talk…
  9. New coach, new players….same difficult basketball to watch.
  10. Happens almost every time 😂
  11. Is Parker on the bench, I haven’t been able to find him?
  12. Hate to see AD in a different uniform. May not have been the most skilled player ever at IU, but represented the university well and gave his best night in and night out. Wishing him the best.
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