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  1. Milehi Fan


    Takes a big man to apologize, especially on an internet board. Shows your true character, many here could learn a thing or two about character. I lurk often and post seldom, but didn’t see any posts from you that come close to some of the filth and garbage some select posters here provide. Thank you for your past insight and look forward to reading your future posts.
  2. Milehi Fan

    The Bench...

    I didn’t see any drastic changes. Please tell me what you saw. I did see a much improved effort on the defensive end, which I guess one could define as drastic. Other than that, I saw the same inept offense, same player rotation, same players riding the pine, and the same results.
  3. Milehi Fan

    Purdue post game

    All this talk about wanting players who hate to lose. How about a coaching staff that hates to lose? “Drastic Changes”, “Deal Breaker”...Enough lip service. I want to see the fire in the coach. Get a T, light into the refs after the poor call after poor call? Show your team you are as invested as you expect them to be?
  4. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    And Haarms is acting like a complete clown after the buzzer.
  5. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    That’s not over the back?
  6. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Surely we are due, aren’t we?
  7. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Cmon guys, let’s do this
  8. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Another garbage 3
  9. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Meanwhile, another opponent’s prayer 3 goes in. Every dang game.
  10. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Purdue is mugging guys out there
  11. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    How many bunnies can JM miss? I guess all of them
  12. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    At least Davis have some fight in him!!
  13. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    I stopped wishing for some home cooking from the refs years ago. I think Knight ruined that for Indiana forever by showing up refs in the past. I just wish for a well officiated game. I can’t wait for that day...
  14. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Make a freaking free throw
  15. Milehi Fan

    Purdue Game Thread

    Haven’t seen any drastic changes on the offensive side of the ball. D is keeping us in the game, despite the refs