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  1. Thank you for your service Mile!
  2. Why would anyone judge a season on whether or not the B10 Season Recap shows IU highlights or lowlights?
  3. Remember the last game we didn’t give up a big run by the other team? Me neither.
  4. Down 3 to the blue blood 5 star laden huskers!
  5. I don’t even want to think about the meltdown in Hoosier Nation if we somehow lose this game...
  6. I simply want to be relevant in men’s basketball. I want to be in the conversation most years. I want to be optimistic at the beginning of each season. I want S16 runs to be expected. There will be years when we exceed those expectations and years we will under achieve. But we will be relevant. I want a coach and players that HATE to lose. And I want to achieve this on the up and up. Is that too much to ask? Maybe...
  7. Born in 190? Wow, you have seen a lot of college basketball!
  8. Unwatchable. We can’t beat Purdue with our best team in 3 years and their worst team in 3 years.
  9. Any word on Damezi? Was he on the bench? Did he suit up?
  10. Nice win, and two straight! on a side note, any word on Damezi?
  11. I am out too. Maybe I can find a high school JV game to enjoy...
  12. 3,2,1...get ready for the “drastic changes” speech from Archie after the game again
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