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  1. Just got back from a weekend trip to Denver, stayed 3 blocks from Cheeseman Park. Hit Red Rock, Columbine Memorial, many local tourist areas. Beautiful city. A far cry from my current home of ATL!
  2. This kid is gonna end up at PU and will rain 3s on us for 4 years 🤨
  3. ISP...I think I can speak for most of us when I say thank you for your insight and reports on potential recruits!
  4. Best closer in the history of baseball vs. an incredible, but not the best player of all time, at his position. I am a Reds and Yankee fan, so I love them both. MR definitely deserves unanimous selection before KGJ. But man, I loved both Sr and Jr. I remember when Jr was traded from Seattle to Cincinnati and the city closed down streets with a police escort to welcome him to the city.
  5. Can’t wait to watch the Izzo post game presser...excuses and whining at its best
  6. Interesting that the Moore transfer got 3 pages in 4 days, and Forester has 7 pages in one day. Clearly Jake was more of a crowd favorite than Cliff. Seems like both were similar in PT on average. Why the love for JF and not the love for CM?
  7. HATE to hear this news. Jake was high energy and seemed to have an edge to him (all things this current team is lacking). Bummer.
  8. It sucks we are chasing players we didn’t give a second look to just a short time ago. It is what it is. This is the current state of Indiana University basketball. Hopefully we can hit the lotto and find some players like Cline or Bohannon. Can’t believe I just typed this 😞
  9. If MSU loses this game, I can’t wait to listen to Izzo whine and cry
  10. Glad an Indiana Mr. Basketball bounced the Porkchops. I don’t feel bad for PU for a second.
  11. Which 4 are you referring to?
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