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  1. I say they need a better picture, Race looks frail!!
  2. If Charlotte takes Edwards as many project, where does that put Cody?
  3. Thanks mile, but my problem is I have a Samsung TV. TVision does not have their app in the Samsung store at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of animosity between the companies as they are the biggest players in cell phones. Still as I said growing pains.
  4. So last night I tried out TVision. It worked great on my iPhone but I need to figure out how to get it on my tv. The issue I’m learning today is they are getting a lot of legal type pushback about their bundles! Like I said growing pains!
  5. With HuluLive announcing a $10 price increase and since I’m a T Mobile customer I am now seriously considering TVision! Decisions, Decisions!
  6. On this day 50 years ago everyone on the Marshall football team chartered airplane died in a crash! May they all Rest In Peace! Also pray for the few who were supposed to be on the plane and weren’t! And yet look where Marshall is today, big call out to Marshall!!
  7. Congratulations to both of you!! As miserable as 2020 has been there has still been a lot of good things like this! I got to meet my first Granddaughter in September, good things are still happening! Thanks for sharing some good news!
  8. You forgot Sweetness PASSING for 8 touchdowns!
  9. The Weeknd announced as the Super Bowl halftime act. Blinding Lights
  10. Anybody seen the list of teams and games for this? https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-schedule-bubbleville-at-mohegan-sun-will-include-almost-40-teams-and-45-games-in-11-days/
  11. My dad during his service in WWII, he was not in combat, but he was as an electronic technician responsible for updating the electronics of P51 Mustangs! Told me of the time he got to go for a joyride!
  12. A new player in the market, looks like it may have some growing pains but knowing the company I believe they could become a serious player! https://www.t-mobile.com/tvision?cmpid=MGPO_EM_C_20TVISION_P9T80LBAJKKD4K19B60475
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/celtics-legend-tom-heinsohn-dies-at-86-years-old/
  14. I’m thinking it’s young impressionable Kids! The Fab 4 talked about how they saw students wearing their jerseys that they couldn’t afford from the bookstore! I’m sure that story sells!
  15. Got to be one of the craziest storm paths, hopefully it doesn’t affect you or me or anybody else!
  16. Crap you all got me crying thinking about Sweetness, after all JH was a part of helping Walter win a Super Bowl!
  17. I think Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon and Don Murray made those movies but I don’t think Marilyn hurt them!
  18. I kind of liked “Some Like It Hot” but yeah!
  19. Zlinedavid welcome back buddy! Or did I miss you elsewhere!?
  20. Number 1 vs number 4 and I have to listen to more political BS)
  21. Having fun harassing my kids who grew up in Michigan and are Michigan fans! Monday I get to hopefully rub it in to my friend from Detroit, although he’s more into Pro sports.
  22. I worked in South Bend 1980 to 1984, hopefully we weren’t part of the problem!
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