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  1. Not going to happen. We'll beat Nebraska. While it's not exactly the season we all hoped for, there is noticeable improvement. We went from no postseason to the NIT in year 2, to the NCAA tournament this year. I was sceptical about next year's roster, but since then we had the Lander commitment, Race and Hunter stepping up and showing improvement, and it looks like we are in good position to land some talent in 2021. We should be in position to take the next step forward and be solidly in the tournament and finish in the upper half of the conference. If we take a step backward instead, then his seat should feel like he ate an entire ghost pepper!
  2. I agree. This would be more realistic path to finally rack up a few BTT wins.
  3. Would love to see Deron and Devonte have big games getting a W on Senior Night. We are a much better and healthier team this go around. We are much better defending the 3 over the last several games (with exception of Ihnen 1st half of Wednesday's game). If we go with Brunk and TJD to start the game, we need to use the mismatch inside to our advantage and get early buckets in the paint.
  4. Thought it was Tabor also, completely forgetting about Kipp Schutz, who played 6 games in 08-09.
  5. I have no idea what was being said, but it almost looks like Archie screaming about Rob. Rob had made several terrible plays in a row, a couple of poor decisions on passes, one of which was to Brunk who was crowded, then a pass right to a Purdue player, with a bad shot mixed in between. The pass to the Purdue player is the play before the timeout and Archie gets up from his seat pissed and motions for Green or whoever to go in for Rob. Then coming back from the commercial break you see this back and forth between Archie and Bruiser. Rob ended up playing well after he came back from being benched, but his play helped allow Purdue to go on a 7-0 run to start the second half as much as the other guards' play led to the 10-2 run Purdue went on the last 2-3 minutes of the 1st half. We are not going to win many games when we get 3 assists from our guards, no matter how good we play on defense. Archie may need more than Lander coming in next year.
  6. Sucks that we keep losing to Purdue, especially on a night when we play good defense and kept them from going off from 3. The effort was there despite poor shooting, just made some stupid mistakes that let to Purdue buckets when the game was close and allowed Purdue to get out to a comfortable lead. 18 to 19 with 2 minutes and change left Williams circus layup Devonte tries to pass it over the top of Williams and turns it over Devonte commits stupid foul leading to 2 made FT's empty possessions for both teams Al goes to FT line makes 2 (should've been in the bonus long before this stretch) Williams scores inside again Franklin turns it over leading to a Hunter JR bucket Al dribbles around with Eastern dogging him loses the ball and recovers, runs Eastern into Smith's screen while simultaneously dribbling behind his back losing his dribble in the process and ball goes right to Hunter JR who gets an easy layup. Now game is 20-29 and we end losing by 8. If we play this last 2 minutes with our heads out of our asses, we would've stopped their momentum allowing them to get ahead by 18 or whatever they got the lead to early in the 2nd half.
  7. Adding Lander, assuming he could be a rotation player right away (even if it's 15 min/game), would address the team's lack of point guard depth and lack of a guy that can consistently attack off the dribble to score or to create for teammates.
  8. That was ridiculous call. This is college, not the NBA. Totally trying to protect the star player.
  9. Huge opportunity on Sunday. Crowd will be ready to bring the energy, just need to come out and compete. Get the ball to TJD early and often, but can't force post entry passes and be careless with the ball. Turnovers cost us the game at Penn St. We turned it over 17 times, which Penn State scored 21 points off of and we only turned them over 7 times, scoring 6 points. Points off turnovers margin was 15 points and we lost the game 64-49. If Penn State gets anywhere close to 15 steals again, it is going to be hard for us to come out with a win. Like the idea of playing smaller with Smith at the 4 on Stephens, mixing in Race for some minutes.
  10. Smith needs to buy into his role. Play D, rebound, and limit his offense to in transition, putbacks and only take a jumper if he is wide open at the end of the shot clock. He also needs to commit to being a 4 also. He doesn't have much of a motor and those typically aren't developed. You either have one or you don't. I would rather a bought in Justin Smith playing his senior year at IU, than elsewhere.
  11. I hear ya! March Madness is my favorite time of the year. When the Hoosiers are in the tournament it's that much better. Just win 3 more and it's a done deal. Really hoping to finish strong, but realize anything can happen with this group. Get TJD touches, Race more minutes, play hard, rebound , and take care of the ball and we should pick up some wins.
  12. Best way to go about playing Green, would be to give him one segment in the 1st half between tv timeouts and same thing in the 2nd half. If he is hitting his shots, taking what the game gives him, bringing the effort on defense, keep playing him. If he is forcing the issue, turning it over and not competing on D, bench him and see what he does the next half. Sure, he can hurt you if bad Devonte shows up, but you have to take the risk and see if he catches fire, especially with the offensive droughts we go through. I would like to see Archie play Devonte at the same time as Durham and Phinisee for a stretch. Maybe also have Jerome or Race at 4 and TJD, Brunk, or Deron at the 5. The lineup would give more room to operate in the post and provide 3-4 guys who can knock down an open 3.
  13. I would like to see more of Deron and TJD playing together. Run a few sets with Deron in the high post feeding TJD. Can't remember what game it was a few weeks back, but they played together a little and made some things happen in the few minutes they shared the court.
  14. I am pulling for Archie to figure this out and be here for the long haul, but I'm not seeing this team being set up for success for next season. I hope the team can win 3-4 more games and get to the tournament, as I think that would be the reasonable expectation for continued improvement from last season to this season. Next year, with the recruiting class coming in and the returning players, I'm just not seeing the team taking the next step forward, though. As it stands now, our biggest issues aren't being addressed and I see us as a likely bubble team in year 4. How much better will our shooting be? We lose Green and only 1 of our incoming recruits is shooting above 30% from the high school 3 pt line at this point in the season. We are lacking any real playmakers and have 1 point guard on the roster as it stands. Our incoming guys do play with toughness from what I have seen, especially Galloway, but are any of them ready to compete in the Big Ten from day 1? Archie has to get a point guard or combo guard from the grad transfer pool or Juco ranks, who can come in and contribute right away. Preferably someone who can shoot, make a post entry pass, and keep their guy in front of them. If we miss the tournament this year and he isn't able to address point guard depth and shooting with a commit early in the offseason, it is probably time to move on. I also question Archie's recruiting strategy. Is he trying to go after the best talent from the state, or if he is trying to find the best talent that fits his system? I have no problem with the strategy of locking the state down, but Archie has to be flexible and adapt to the roster he has, highlighting their strengths. If he is 100% committed to his system, which seems to be the case, then he needs to make sure he is finding the right guys in state or out that will fit what he wants to do.
  15. We are getting owned on the boards. Defense sucks. If Deron was having his normal game on offense, we'd be getting beat by 30+.
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