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  1. To my knowledge, these guys never shamed the name. We may have questioned the emotion, tenacity, decision making, and talent, but Hartman never quit. RoJo buckled down this season and played great defense. Newkirk tried. Freddie never stopped working and improving. Priller is graduating a double major??? maybe.
  2. I think Pickell may be a good coach. He's about to be 4-1 in the B1G tourney
  3. Have we scored 16 points in the 2nd? We had 24 in the first 8 minutes of the game. Sad, just sad.
  4. does he look healthy and snappy to you? Not me. Something doesn't look right. He struggled to get back up a min ago.
  5. Crean to Pitt is a seriously possibility in my mind.
  6. Oh, you have clear evidence? Please link. I clearly don't have my head in the sand, as I just listed my concerns. But please link the evidence or just stop.
  7. True. I just haven't seen clear evidence that he was even guilty at UofL
  8. If this is truly the tip of the iceberg, my only concerns going forward are this 1. Archie's time as assistant at Arizona and O$U 2. A few players that "fell into our lap" seemingly 3. Obviously Chuck Martin and Kenny Johnson Side note and question. Even though Kenny Johnson has been relieved, along with the rest of UofL's staff, has he actually been named by the FBI or NCAA as having actually done anything wrong. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2017/11/22/louisville-cardinals-basketball-associate-head-coach-kenny-johnson-fired/763295001/ Help me out. From what I know, Pitino was the Adidas contact person, not Johnson. Johnson went from $200,000 at IU to $375000 at UofL, then to $550,000. Most of us would call that a good personal business/financial decision. I think the smear campaign is a little premature on KJ, given the information I am aware of. If there is more, send it my way. Thanks
  9. The NCAA is sitting here like Schmeigel, saying, "return me the monies."
  10. He's surging. I've voted 5 times. Going back for more.
  11. A parent taking their own kid makes the school less liable. I look at it the complete opposite. My athletic department at 2 different school corporations, one very small and one very large, did not care in the least so long as the parent took them. Come to think of it at the large school they had to sign their name next to the roster. That was it.
  12. Track and cross country. Especially cross, when coming from an invite that may be an HR or more away. Most kids would ride the bus with friends because it's a tight knit group but it's a Saturday, most of the time, and family trumps team even when team is family.
  13. I let my kids ride home with their parents away games and meets. All it took was the parent coming to me and telling me. Either way, this is not a sign.
  14. How quickly y'all forget that time Tim shredded that middle school team in Texas. I personally would not be opposed to holding onto our secret weapon until tourney time, but this victory may get us in the nit, plus it's senior night. Let him start. Who knows, he does seem to have a knack for the ball. Didn't Roth hit a couple of quick threes on senior night?
  15. Katz called the btpoy a 2 man race, Edwards and diop.
  16. I think they are a gymnastics powerhouse. They packed out an arena on ESPN a few weeks ago.
  17. Edwards was sick tonight. He would have to truly become a point guard in the NBA but his strength and athleticism will get him on a team. He could be like a kemba or IT. He has a better body, crazy ups, tonight he hit a few 23 footers. He doesn't take plays off. I like his interview skills. If he carries this team through March, gotta at least entertain the idea of striking while it's hot. Could play into early 2nd round.
  18. Where is LongDukDong? We need him to come and spread some reverse psychology while single handily ticking everyone else in the process. I personally thought he was funny and just trying to be funny by being contrary. Some fell hook, line, and sinker.
  19. And we have found the crux of the FBI issue. All these guys were assistant coaches at one point and many were extremely ambitions and power hungry. I have a friend who's brother spent time around 2 major programs, he is a devout Christian guy and basically said it wasn't worth his soul and got out completely.
  20. Somebody remind me wasn't there something Shady around him and Zach Randolph as well? I've never really thought that izzo was an upstanding character
  21. Evansville to new Albany is an hour 45. About the same time to Bloomington and an hour 45 to Indy, so who knows.
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