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  1. 2014Hoosier

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Anyone else see Justin put his head down after the turnover and walk back on D?
  2. 2014Hoosier

    Illinois Game Thread

    Well there’s another one
  3. 2014Hoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    91 is a solid number, I was born in 91. If Keion commits and we only have 91 pages, I wouldn’t be upset.
  4. 2014Hoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Also, my boss drives a Tesla. The first time I saw a Tesla was while I was in Bloomington. Coincidence? Not likely.
  5. 2014Hoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I work in Fort Wayne. The last name of my boss is Brooks. I asked if he was related to Keion and he said probably, but he doesn’t follow basketball in the slightest. He gave me nothing. Just in case, I mention IU a lot around him.
  6. 2014Hoosier

    Trendon Watford

    Just one if Romeo leaves
  7. 2014Hoosier

    Louisville Game Thread

    Damn Kentucky
  8. 2014Hoosier

    OT: Q49

    Good season boys
  9. 2014Hoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    Malik Hall to MSU...just saw it was already posted in KB nvm. Continue on
  10. 2014Hoosier

    Hoosier Hysteria

    I thought it was rather underwhelming this year. The graphics on the court were amazing, but it wasn’t packed and it didn’t really seem like people were that excited today. Romeo definitely got some love, but I didn’t hear anything for the recruits this year like years past besides waiting in line when Brooks walked up to the door and waved.
  11. 2014Hoosier

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Based on that, it shows that they are only open during the week, so maybe weekends are free? (Fingers crossed) I was just living in Bloomington 2 years ago, but I forget what they were like
  12. 2014Hoosier

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Anyone know what the cost of the fee lane parking garage is? I’m planning on parking there and walking to assembly hall before 1230 when the stadium parking lots are open also, how early are you all planning on getting in line?
  13. 2014Hoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    My girlfriend, who knows nothing about IU basketball recruiting, stopped in center grove for gas this morning on her way to Bloomington. Oh and she started her trip in Fort Wayne. The universe is speaking. Brooks and TJD will be Hoosiers!