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  1. Depends on when his birthday is. If it's between now and Dec 31st he'd be eligible for the draft in 2021. If he already had his birthday this year then he wouldn't be eligible. I haven't been able to find out in which month is his birthday. I have seen that he's 17 now but don't know if he turns 18 this year or next.
  2. Incorrect. It's an AND, not an OR. There doesn't seem to be a good source showing his birthday. One site says 2003 which means he wouldn't be eligible until 2022. The USA basketball site shows on his profile his age as 17 and was last updated on Dec 4, 2019. That would mean he would be 19 in 2021 and is the more credible of the two.
  3. I've asked about his age before since I couldn't find it. I was wondering if he's for sure be at IU for 2 years if he doesn't turn 19 in 2021. A poster on another site said that is the case. So, if that poster is correct, he's not old for his class.
  4. Why not? Players should be able to leave whenever they wish just as any other student is able to. Or employees, even. The days when transfers and players going pro early were both rare are long gone. In fact, was there ever a time there weren't a lot of transfers? Bob Knight certainly had his fair share so not during my lifetime. Smith played the role he was given while here. He decided he didn't like that role and wanted to look for somewhere else where he could play a different role. Nothing wrong with that. To put it another way, he was a team player while on the team and during the off-season chose to look out for his own interests.
  5. It is normal, though, and has been for some time. What you mean is that you wish it wasn't normal.
  6. He didn't even share what he heard, just that he heard something. He's a blowhard and an extremely negative poster on another forum so count yourself lucky that you don't know him.
  7. Nah, he said that when there were already a lot of rumors about it and I think some of the 247 crystal ball picks were UK. I don't claim to have any inside sources (because I don't) and by the time fpeaugh said that I already knew it was not only a very real possibility but likely.
  8. I wouldn't say that Hunter had been injury prone. While the injury/condition he missed time because was significant, it's still only 1 and didn't seem to cause him to miss more time last season. As he became more comfortable and less rusty, his play improved. He played in all but 2 games last season. He'll also have this whole off-season in which to work on his strength, conditioning, and basketball skills rather than just trying to rehab to get to the point where he can practice and play. It could result in a significant change to his play next season. Thompson could certainly be looked at as injury prone. But even then he missed only 3 games last season. Phinisee is another I'd say that had been prone to injury so far. Hopefully, all 3 will be able to stay healthy.
  9. I see that, too. Yesterday it showed all 4. On his main page it still shows 4 predictions. It is odd indeed. Could be an error in there part that isn't showing all 4 for some reason.
  10. The books are even better. I recommend checking them out if you haven't already read them.
  11. I'm going to go with 3 guard lineup. Lander Phinisee Durham TJD Brunk
  12. He didn't actually say it's bad news but coming from a "fan" like him that would be a good assumption. I can't see him rushing to share good news. Of course, I also don't believe he has any true sources.
  13. Wait, if I'm reading the the Auburn tweet right it looks like Mohammed wants to transition to PG or at least try it in college? I guess that kind of makes sense for a 6'4" SG with NBA aspirations who isn't a good shooter but this is the first I've seen he that he might be thinking that.
  14. Man, I knew he was a bad shooter but I didn't realize just how bad. 3 3-pointers in his career? For a guard? LMAO At least he realized he can't hit them so only shot them very rarely. But wow. I've seen old school centers with more makes.
  15. Yes, I don't see the freshmen other than Lander getting big minutes next season. I'm kind of hoping that one of them will get redshirted for that reason. I expect you're correct that they'll see time early then that will diminish as the season goes on. At least against the cupcakes, they will. That has been Miller's tendency so far. Fewer chances for that this season since the pre-conference looks tougher than the past few years. The upperclassmen and TJD will continue to get the majority of PT with Lander also playing a not insignificant number of minutes.
  16. I agree with you. I think Al is a definite starter at the beginning of the season. He's the best shooter on the team and has a ton of experience. A lot of people on here have Hunter as a starter. Unless he makes a huge improvement during the offseason, I don't think he starts early on. I think Al, TJD and Smith are all sure starters. I think due to his skill, Lander will start. This one I'm not as confident in as the three above but I really think he will. So I think the starting lineup will be one of two at the beginning of the season, 1 very similar to last season: Brunk TJD Smith Durham Lander Or maybe a smaller lineup: TJD Smith Durham Phinisee Lander I know Rob's shooting numbers weren't good overall last season, but from what I recall is that when he was in a catch and shoot situation he looked pretty good. I don't have concrete numbers to back that but it seemed he made a good percentage that was the situation. The problem was that the team wasn't good at creating those types of shots. My hope is that Lander will fix that and Rob and Al will both see their shooting percentages increase because of it. Part of the problem, though, may be that Rob isn't good at getting set up in a position to receive passes for those shots because Hunter seemed to get more of them.
  17. It doesn't really matter who recruited them as that wasn't even my point. They were on the team. My point still stands that the myth that Crean resurrected the program with players that weren't even D1 level is just that, a myth. The 1st year team was made up of D1 talent, some of who were also recruited by other Big Ten schools. Sure, they were more like role player level players and freshmen but still D1 caliber. Crean did have a lot of players he took a shot on that he shouldn't have who were certainly not D1 but they didn't get PT so it can't really be claimed that he rebuilt the program with them. He just wasted scholarships.
  18. I'm hoping the new commissioner will bring change to how the conference games are officiated but I doubt it happens. Which is unfortunate.
  19. He didn't raise IU from the ashes with those first year players. He won 6 games that year, 10 the next, and 12 the 3rd year. That's hardly raising the program back to prominence. But in that first team he had Rivers redshirting after transferring from Georgetown. Nick Williams was a top 100 4* recruit. 3* Malik Story chose IU over Georgetown and Minnesota among others. Tom Pritchard had offers from Miami OH and Penn State. Devan Dumes had at least 4 other D1 offers including Ohio State. Matt Roth had other D1 offers including Notre Dame. Verdell Jones had offers from Kentucky and Minnesota. So they weren't highly ranked players (mostly) but saying that they weren't D1 or B1G caliber in not true. The next year he brought in several players who truly did help resurrect the program but they were ranked and had other D1 offers as well.
  20. I'm going to have to disagree very strongly with the bolded section. He certainly did hand out scholarships to players that had no business being in the B1G, much less D-1, but those aren't the players that he had and relied on when he started to actually win games. Those types of players he Creaned after a season or two.
  21. If you want to cherry pick games then Jeffries had only 8 points in the championship loss to Maryland. I don't get your seeming hatred of Zeller. I agree with @FKIM01, let's get back on topic.
  22. He's started 60% of games he's been in in the NBA. That's hardly end of the bench and not a reserve role. He's not an all star but he's been solid in the NBA. Zeller was picked 4th in the draft. If he had played another session he likely not only wouldn't have gone higher but could have fallen. Plus he would've missed out on a year of pay. So I disagree with you that it was a mistake for him to leave when he did.
  23. Do you believe rich alumni might be more willing to give him a job if he comes back for another year rather than going pro now? He's already been great. Among the honors he's already received are B1G POY and 1st team All-American. You don't think he's an Iowa legend already?
  24. No, but I read a bunch of quotes. They come off as sour grapes.
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