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  1. Grew up in Bloomington as an IU fan and even took some classes there in HS. Went to Purdue for Engineering as I couldn't afford the out of state tuition to attend Arizona and didn't really want to go to Rose for multiple reasons. So I was there as an open IU fan and my friends were mostly from West Lafayette and Lafayette so they were die hard Purdue fans. It really sucked any time IU lost to Purdue but it was awesome when it went the other way. I could've attended IU (I was accepted) but it was my last choice. Besides the obvious issue with not having my preferred major, I just wanted to get away from home and experience something different.
  2. Oh, I know it's not all of them. We did have some friends in our group that ended up joining houses and we even went to some parties there. Some people were worse than others and some houses were worse than others. Most of the real DBs seemed to congregate to the same houses. Also, I don't really know what the Greek system is like at IU, I attended the other B1G school in the northern part of the state. Maybe the Greeks at IU weren't as annoying/obnoxious as most there were.
  3. I think one of them may have been something like Delta Iota Chi (dix). There was one similar to yours that had to do with drinking/kegs. There was another that they had for the girls in our group of friends. I'm trying to remember what they were, they were kind of humorous in sophomoric way. We spent a lot of time mocking the frats. A group of us lived in 3 houses in a row right across the street from one and didn't really get along with them. One time, someone going to the frat across the street parked in front of my driveway when a bunch of us were sitting on the porch drinking. After a few minutes when they didn't come back, we picked up the car (a compact of some sort, IIRC) and put in the middle of the street. Then we called the cops to have it towed since it was obviously a hazard. Good times.
  4. Some of my friends had something similar they called us instead of GDI. I can't recall what that is at the moment, though. I had forgotten about that until your post.
  5. I was GDI in college so I can respect him wanting to kick a frat boy's a**.
  6. I met him once when we were both in college and I was visiting IU. He was either neighbors with the people we were visiting or friends or something. Anyway, he stopped by their apartment while I was there. Got to talk to him for a few minutes. Seemed like a down to earth guy and pretty chill, not an egomaniac like many star athletes can be.
  7. That is the biggest positive I see in this loss. The team didn't give up and kept battling. They didn't let the large 1st half deficit break them as it has so often the past few years. Adjustments were made at half time and they came back. I can't remember the last time IU was able to fight back from being down by so much. They couldn't complete the comeback and win in this instance but it is a positive that they had the chance to do so. I'm sure it's happened since then but the last time I remember is the '02 tournament game against Duke, but that was a memorable game for quite a few reasons.
  8. No, I don't root for them but I don't have the hatred that many IU fans do.
  9. I can confirm that many people outside of Indiana don't know where Purdue is. I graduated from there and now live in Arizona. It's not uncommon for people to say right after finding out that I went there to ask where it's located. On the flip side, another comment/question that I've gotten quite a few times is people thinking it's Ivy League or that level as far as academics. So nationally it does have a good academic reputation from what I've seen. Other IU fans on message boards don't want to believe this just like you don't want to believe that people don't know which state it's in. I don't want to say either one is a majority of people but I will say that it's not a tiny minority, either.
  10. At least this is the last game until next year. This had been a disappointing season even by normal IU expectations, never mind the heightened expectations after the last 2 seasons.
  11. I think the defense last season was pretty decent until the conference season started. Then they went from allowing like 0.9 points per possession to well over 1 ppp.
  12. Having a coach with professional experience is probably helpful in that sense. They probably have to get players who are unhappy about their pay to still buy in help the team effort.
  13. 15/20? Wow. So you're saying he's due for an average normalizing game.
  14. That's pretty much what I heard Hummel say. Not that he deserved all the credit.
  15. By game: 2/4 0/4 1/3 4/5 So far today: 3/5
  16. Lander with a great pass. Do the last 2 games he's hit 2 long outlet passes (Leal and Bates) and missed 2 (Durr and Bates).
  17. 10 of 21 on the season the announcers said
  18. At least there is one of player that hits FT.
  19. IU seems like they have way more TOs than they actually do.
  20. I like that Lander looks for the break. He just needs to figure out how fast each player is. Bates this game and Durr the last he led by too much. Easy scores if he can start hitting those.
  21. He played two games ago so only a medical RS would still be possible but he's not injured.
  22. That's at least 2 missed dunks tonight.
  23. Yes, last year his shot looked almost like he was throwing the ball at the basket.
  24. BTN sucks. They didn't allocate enough time to finish a full volleyball match.
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