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2023 PG Gabe Cupps Commits to Indiana

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1 minute ago, Steubenhoosier said:

Who cares what Lebron thinks.


But congratulations and welcome to Gabe

Haha you don’t care about much these days lol. But I agree with you I could care less, or is it I couldn’t care less, about what Lebron thinks. However, if lebron tweets a picture with IU in it, it will be seen. Does it help? I don’t know probably not much. Does it hurt? Definitely not to the high school basketball players. 

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18 hours ago, dgambill said:

If Kirk Haston had come back for his senior year....no doubt that team might have won it all. It had all the right elements...certainly not the most talent but the right mix!

Jeffries playing a lot of point forward on that team was always something I pondered about.

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5 hours ago, KoB2011 said:

I think we just picked up a guy who is going to be one of the most hated players in the B1G, and I love that. 

 I have been wanting IU to get a player like that for awhile. Players like Davison, Sheehey, Cardinal and Craft are guys that help your team win and build a tough hardnose culture.

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Just now, Seeking6 said:

I just can't remember a time where we had 2 highly ranked kids committed this early who have yet to start their junior year. Makes me curious if one has the opportunity to reclassify. Both from what I understand have high gpa's/grades,etc...

Either way just another great get. This staff man. 

I like it...and frankly I like the fact that they are both out of state guys.  I like having Indiana talent as much as the next guy but I think there has been a sense of entitlement with some of our guys lately that just has not been earned (thinking back to Crean/Miller eras).

There has been a perception I think, particularly with kids in the state, that Indiana can be put on the back burner.  That does not appear to be the case anymore...which is good.  Competition, good competition, for scholarships increases that sense of urgency in guys.

I know the Indiana HS coaches get pissy when they get overlooked, but the state has not been super good to us outside of a few exceptions for years now.  And it sucks to say that.

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