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  1. aw geez - terrible, sorry flynn.
  2. I totally get why people are mad at IU - if you don't want the vaccine but you want to attend IU, I can see why that would be frustrating. At the end of the day, attendance at IU via in-person classes is not a constitutional right.
  3. I think if anyone says it's risk free, they're being foolish with their messaging. It is, though, quite clearly a significant risk reduction compared to not having it. Additionally, this is a situation where our actions impact those around us. Getting the vaccine makes our entire community safer, which is why institutions like IU are mandating it. I just answered your question of why other vaccines take longer to get to market - drug companies, driven largely by motivations of profit, don't want to waste the billions of dollars for potentially invalid vaccines. The government, faced with a pandemic, didn't have those cares. If this were a "normal" situation and a "normal" company like Pfizer were to have spent those billions on manufacturing/et al for a vaccine they weren't even sure worked, their CEO would have been fired on the spot. That's why this was different.
  4. The vaccine was able to get to market quickly because we threw cost out the window and spent billions that, in a normal environment, wouldn't be spent. That the "vaccine is untested" is a myth that we cannot seem to shake. It fits people's worldview, and that's fine, but they had the base of this vaccine developed before COVID even hit. From there, it was plug and play. https://news.uchicago.edu/story/how-were-researchers-able-develop-covid-19-vaccines-so-quickly
  5. Danger, Will Robinson. Nothing inherently wrong here, but keep it above the belt.
  6. Olsontex, you always have tremendously well thought posts. A welcome addition.
  7. I'm a Twitter news junkie (professional hazard, I blame work) and I started following a ton of new people during COVID. A ton of smart scientists and other people who tweet interesting things, like this guy who does incredible data visualization: It was always going to be like this, but still shocking to see just how good we have it (in relative terms).
  8. In decent position - appreciate the generosity of those who have chipped in. I’m up in the mountains but will try to update with actual numbers soon.
  9. Heck, I'm not here to short anything, I'm here to make profit off of what other people shorted vbg
  10. I feel young because I know what all of that means.
  11. ^^ software upgrades, too many new buttons smh
  12. The original Grateful Dead or the reunion/Fare Thee Well tour.
  13. I still love a good plate of red meat, but my better half is a nutritionist and does most of the cooking, so about 50% of the days I'm a vegan. I tell her if it tastes good, it tastes good! Still love bread/carbs and I am a sucker for cheese. The new impossible burgers are tremendous, especially when seasoned well. It scratches the itch. When it doesn't, I hit up a local bbq joint
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