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  1. Yep. Duke insider and Pegram have both moved this direction. Done deal. Duke will ride momentum for a while, but only winning will keep Duke Duke.
  2. Dang, Nuts. All I got was an early gift of Ciroc. Now I am ruined to drink pedestrian vodka again.
  3. Games are bonus. The goals seem to be building relationships on the team and 10 full squad practices. Currently, coaches are only permitted time with 6 players at a time and 4 hours per week of group instruction.
  4. My bad. I guess posting at 3.30 in the morning is a bad idea.
  5. This from our guy Schumann: ”Indiana offered Banks a scholarship soon after new assistant coach Yasir Rosemond was hired in April. Rosemond hails from Atlanta and trained Banks before joining the staff.”
  6. I am not following what you mean. Kaleb is from ATL, and was doing private workouts with Rosemond, prior to his hire with us.
  7. Yasir Rosemond, IU asst, was holding workouts with Kaleb Banks before accepting the IU role. We are in primary position for this to be our 2nd 2022 recruit (Gunn).
  8. Oh man. Therapy sessions straight ahead trying to remove this visual.
  9. Never got his feet under him. I admire his class in participating in team workouts and finishing the semester before going to the portal. Hunter had a tough run here. Serious blood clot condition his frosh year he never seemed to recover from in terms of confidence. Jerome’s talents were never utilized, and always seemed in the doghouse. He did need to work on his defensive want-to, but still disappointed to see him leave. That said, excited to see who Coach gets. Dare I mention: pass the ketchup.
  10. Should be finalized soon, but a win getting him out of Champaign...wonder if Curbelo will follow him there?
  11. In sharp contrast to a productive and positive first month on the job by Mike Woodson, there is this update on the former IU Head Coach. All sounds painfully familiar. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ugawire.usatoday.com/2021/04/20/tom-creans-blows-it-again-former-players-and-media-sound-off/amp/
  12. 1. Get to 20 wins first 2. Protect home court 3. Become B1G contender 4. Then postseason takes care of itself My guess is Indiana will bounce back next season, and may even get to 20 wins, which would be an excellent debut for Coach Woodson, as the team finished 12-15 this year.
  13. Interesting to read thoughts on starters. Too many unknowns yet to have any sense of starters. That said, with new coaching staff, new beginning of sorts, one guy I am pulling for to reach his potential and get extended time: Jerome Hunter. If he can earn Woodson’s attention early, get in the mix of regular rotation, Jerome could take off. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see Hunter average 10 ppg or more next season.
  14. Masshole = Keion Brooks, Jr. Until he is in the portal: fantasy. Period.
  15. By week’s end: Franklin leaves X Johnson arrives Race leaves Brooks arrives??
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