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  1. There's a lot of Yoders in them there parts.
  2. No but he did follow JHS who we recruited. Does Dual have any sort of connection to guys at IU? Did we recruit him at all initially? Not saying you don't reach out, but I don't know if you have the time to recruit a guy from scratch. He's more likely to go to the other schools that he was considering. Never say never, but seems like the only real connection is he's from Carmel.
  3. At Woodson's press conference, he said something to the effect that he never coached a team that ran the O through the big man. Having both Trayce and Race in the line up for the past 3 years has made the O pretty old school. I think that will change going forward. It seems like all the guys from the Archie era (except TJD) are just role players. You love them and hate to see them leave but they are not game changers (either skill or athletic wise).
  4. I understand why we had to go through TJD, and I would say it's extremely effective when you have an All American big. But we have to get more athletic and have much, much stronger guard play if you want to hang another banner. MORE: At Woodson's press conference, he said something to the effect that he never coached a team that ran the O through the big man. Having both Trayce and Race in the line up for the past 3 years has made the O pretty old school. I think that will change going forward.
  5. I understand, but I would say Cooley is going to re-recruit all of his guys, so I don't know if I would be willing to put in the time for guys like him unless they actually reached out to IU. I know all portal guys have to be re-recruited, but most guys are leaving behind their coach and school, not entering because their coach left for a new school. It doesn't hurt to put in a feeler, but IU needs to lock down guys not play wait and see "games". But if he's legitimately interested, then go for it.
  6. I like Duncomb's game and hope he comes back, but IU really needs to get away from the "big man" game if you ask me. They need to get faster, and more athletic too. Miami attacked our weaknesses. What I do like about Duncomb is both him and Malik look like they could develop an outside game.
  7. Unless he has some sort of academic issues, wouldn't he just follow Cooley?
  8. TJD = Legend. The team accolades were not what we hoped, but he did all he could. He'll be one of my favorites along with Zeke, Edwards, Cheaney, Henderson, Yogi. All time great and should never be considered anything less. I really, really, really wanted the sweet 16 for him.
  9. So there does seem to be some guys we are interested in after all.
  10. Besides the guy from Harvard, do we have any info as to who IU is actually interested in?
  11. I think he can get better for sure, but outside of a handful of games, he's been pretty bad. He's had 8 games with 0 points and all but one during Big Ten play. He's gotta really step it up to be counted on.
  12. Also: Tom Allen said defensive lineman Beau Robbins and offensive lineman Caleb Murphy will graduate this spring and not be on the 2023 roster (both had remaining eligibility).
  13. I actually think this happened on Saturday. He knows Bell and the offenses he's helped lead have been successful. And yes, OC experience can't be a bad thing. Seems like a very solid hire.
  14. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-football-hiring-anthony-tucker-as-wide-receivers-coach/
  15. I did want to follow up that people selling tickets on an "IU" forum *(you know, IU fans) for $1000 each or $750 for a pair doesn't really jive with the spirit of the board. I semi get the PU game, but still. Used to be people would be like "I can't make the game who's interested..." Now it's "I buy the tickets so that I can resell them 5 times their value." Just my two cents.
  16. They shut down Michigan the last two minutes
  17. Who cares? They haven't won there forever. You take any road wins.
  18. There's been a lot of scammers on that board apparently. That being said, I will be going to the Illinois game, so if anyone has any spare tickets between now and the day before, let me know, and by spare I meant tickets you are willing to sell. But for those looking for tickets, normally the day/night before, the prices become more reasonable. And if nothing else, more balcony tickets will definitely become available.
  19. https://www.on3.com/college/indiana-hoosiers/transfer-portal/wire/football/2023/ https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/TransferPortal/?institutionkey=24040
  20. We're only as good as our guard play. JHS was 1-12, Galloway in foul trouble. No X. Throw in FT's 29-12. Life on the road in the Big Ten. Except for MSU game, Bates not giving us anything. IU needs a veteran guard (X) in the rotation especially on the road. We have to bring it Saturday. I'm not sure Purdue will lose another game. Saturday is their toughest remaining game. IU is the best team they play twice.
  21. Color me a skeptical but hopeful the DLs brought in help. As we've seen, if we continue to have issues getting to the QB, we'll continue to have issues with the defense overall. The CBs and LBs can only do so much.
  22. Sounds like more official visits this weekend. Like someone on another board mentioned, seems like the IU beat guys (both football and basketball) know about as much as us when it comes to visits. I'm sure IU keeps some of this info close to the vest, but it's really should not be top secret info. Where are the “insiders”?
  23. I know BIG has the reputation of letting them play, like the fouls called in the tourney aren't called in the BIG or whatever, but it's a disgrace how much these games are decided by the officials. It's almost like they say amongst themselves "ok, time to call a bunch of fouls and while were at it, let's review a few calls that everyone in arena saw but we'll take 5 minutes to look at it and then maybe get them right." Both Galloway and Reneau (although they do make some boneheaded defensive plays) get called for a foul as soon as they step on the court. And I have never seen a guy get called for more fouls while simultaneously getting elbowed in the face as much as JHS. I do believe bitching at the refs does work, I really do. Love or hate CBK but his teams got to the line a lot. In this case, it might have actually hurt Minny because they suck at FTs.
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