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  1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33742540/ This is not an invitation to hear about your personal experiences with this @5fouls and @bluegrassIU 😁
  2. Are there any studies showing whether people that have had COVID and therefore have natural immunity are getting reinfected with these breakthrough cases? At the same rate as the vaccinated? It seems to reason that natural immunity may be stronger than the vaccines. Also, when will antibody tests suffice in lieu of vaccinations? The fact that this continues to be ignored raises troubling questions
  3. Hopefully we will see more studies on this- https://www.jpost.com/health-science/israeli-scientist-says-covid-19-could-be-treated-for-under-1day-675612
  4. I'd actually rather get ASU. I know they are not AAU and AZ is but I see ASU eventually passing up AZ.
  5. Merging the Big 12 and Pac 10 would not be good for the B1G. Getting KS starts to blow this up a bit. Seems like the Pac 10 may not be as receptive to a merger with the B1G which realistically leaves only 1 option- take their best teams and let the leftovers merge with the Big 12.
  6. This has been discussed before but now seems to be resurfacing with new mask mandates. We just saw the mayor of Chicago out with 400,000 people at LaLaPalooza without a mask- the day before she imposed new mask rules. Common sense says she would be wearing one if they worked. Only a N95 mask or greater can stop virus particles- and that is when worn correctly. In general, masks are unsanitary and do little to stop COVID. Fauci has said masks are ineffective. Now come this- "A top COVID adviser for Joe Biden has admitted face masks were not very effective against COVID-19 and said they only served a political purpose. In an interview on Monday, Michael Osterholm said if particles of smoke could get through a mask, so could the virus. “Many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out,” he explained. “Either you’re breathing out or you’re breathing in.”" Is there any scientifically proven reason for keeping up the mask charade?
  7. I could add all sorts of examples to this thread but I will stick to one I haven't seen mentioned. Some places have small, medium, large sizes for their value meals. I always get the small. A handful of times, they don't ask and just assume the large size to make a little more $. In the past, I've just went along with it as I know the employees and restaurants have had it rough. Call it a tip. Now, I'm getting tired of the practice and just saw today fast food sales are up double digits vs 2019 so no need to be gracious. A small means a small.
  8. "My informed opinion is that the lab leak theory isn’t just a "possibility," at the very least it is more like a probability, if not very close to a certainty. " https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/china-olympics-2022-covid-cover-up-games-john-ratcliffe
  9. So you're saying the SEC will be after IU next for our baseball team?
  10. Thinking of the possibility of CO in the B1G, makes me think of @milehiiu. Can only imagine his excitement at the thought.
  11. Cases mysteriously plummet in the UK AFTER restrictions are relaxed
  12. I hope someone at Fox sports recognizes what is going on and puts together a deal bringing the B1G some PAC 10 teams. The potential is out there for a super conference that can rival the SEC.
  13. You look at some of the stats last year and can make an argument he was the best QB in CFB. I truly hope he can stay healthy for the entire year and then I think he will be the top QB this year. That is his ceiling.
  14. The end of PCR tests? https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html I wonder who will be making $ from the new tests? Is this an effort to lower the number of cases? We know the PCR results in a lot of false positives by including dead remnants of the virus at high cycle threshold levels.
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