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  1. Harvested the first strawberries, spinach and green onions of the season today
  2. Playing in our division, it will be difficult to be a perennial top 10 team. I'd be thrilled with a perennial 2nd place in the Big 10 East and occasionally knocking OSU off.
  3. Next week they open ticket sales for additional capacity (up to 60%). I'll probably try and get tics for a few games
  4. Theres room on the bandwagon for you Rico!
  5. That's why I don't follow this thread as much. I don't really care about the NL until World Series time. It's hard enough following the Sox, let alone the rest of the league.
  6. Good ol HPER memories... I think I made it on to court 2 a handful of times, lol
  7. I figured I'd jump on over here to show a little support and love for my White Sox. Who would have predicted they would have the best winning % in MLB at this point? Team ERA way better than at the same point in their World Series season of 2005. They have been on fire lately and are really been fun to watch. Yermin Mercedes has to be the feel good story of the year. They haven't missed a beat with their top 2 outfield sluggers (Jimenez and Roberts) out. Just swept the Royals and Twins and now have a 10 game lead on last years Central champs the Twins. Looking like a 2 team race in the AL Cent
  8. Russia and Australia have the highest rates of vaccine skepticism with 54 and 42 percent either unwilling or uncertain, respectively.
  9. Some quick stats- 58% of Americans over age 18 now have at least 1 shot. Worry about contracting the virus has hit a new low. 28 states have fully reopened with another 6, including NY, opening this month. The NY subway hit highest ridership in 15 months. The San Fransisco Symphony held first in-person performance in more than a year. 1.7M people traveled through airports last Sunday the most since the start of the pandemic. Open Table reports seated diners at reopened restauranrts have reached 100% of 2019 levels. Worker shortages are causing some restaurants to limit their hours. It is
  10. I think I've seen that pic 5 different places since I posted it. It is has gone viral.
  11. For a potential NFL talent, it looks like he still has some room to grow. Will be interesting to see how much playing time he gets at IU
  12. Some good points in here. My next vehicle might be an electric pickup but it won't for "green" reasons. We are at a point where many of the early solar panels have reached the end of their lifespans and are being discarded in landfills because we don't have a recycling program for them. Lots of rare earh minerals and other components just being thrown out. John Kerry recently admitted that many of these solar panels come from slave labor in China as they try to dump their stuff on us to gain market share and drive competitors out of business. Too few people are paying attention
  13. I've seen rumours along those lines. A bit too easy too blame the Russians. If it was them, you would expect to see a massive retaliatory strike soon. Time will tell and conspiracy theories will run wild in the meantime but I'm not taking anything put out at face value.
  14. I believe they are waiving a lot of the summer formulations to make it easier to restock. If you own a corvette, you might have to wait a little longer for your 93?
  15. I'm really losing faith in our system of justice. Seeing stories like this 15 year old girl who will spend 2+ years in a rehab facility for murder- https://www.foxnews.com/us/washington-uber-eats-carjacking-guilty-murder makes me sick. At some point we need some stiff sentences to act as a deterrent.
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