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  1. any status update on either big men we're in on?
  2. can't you give us some idea of who you're talking about? 😁
  3. Woodson's wording on this one actually sounds a little different than a kid deciding to transfer. Maybe nothing, but does anyone know if he basically got booted?
  4. nah. with the teams interested and averaging 8ppg and 8rpg and 2 years left, i'm saying let's do it! just curious who is out?
  5. this is very interesting isn't it? aside from how confused that has me, i get excited to see a 7 footer, but with how the game is played these days, maybe not? is this a Jeremiah April or Bawa Maniru?
  6. point taken, but weren't Yogi, Blackmon, D.J., and Bryant all higher than that?
  7. how are the rumors sounding on Onu at this point?
  8. Texas Tech, OSU, and LSU are interested. i like it.
  9. seems like it comes up often and then people start debating whether it is even legal or if that person still counts against scholarship numbers because they had previously been on scholarship.
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