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  1. Are NBA defensive schemes really that much more advanced?(Genuinely curious, I don’t follow it much). I thought that the opposite was true since almost every player is ultra athletic most defenses just switch everything.
  2. Concerning but the reality is that what was uncovered a few years ago is far more widespread then the schools that were caught. I have zero doubt that many of the assistants, coaches, and players who we have wanted over the past month have been involved in this stuff to some degree. I trust Woodson, a Bob Knight disciple, to run a clean program.
  3. FWIW, if you look through some of Fife’s older tweets, he has poked at Goodman before in a playful manner. This combined with the way he talked about him on Dakich the other day tells me they’re almost certainly friends or at least friendly and this is just banter(if that wasn’t clear). Even still... I love it.
  4. In my perfect world they would go back to the old school IU uniforms with the piping as the primary uniform. But they would also embrace 2-3 alternate uniforms each year that they would bring out for big games maybe 5-8 times a year. Seems like it would be a good compromise between our past and give something new and fresh that could be marketed. I know it won’t happen but still.
  5. Bill Comar, who served in the same role under Archie, sat on the bench during games. Your point stands-who knows what all he can or can’t do, or whether or not Matta will sit with the coaches, but Comar was right there. Shown here to the left of the assistants.
  6. This is not true. Bill Comar held this same position under Archie. https://iuhoosiers.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/coaches/bill-comar/2771
  7. If we hire Woodson/Moser/etc. without having waited to at least pitch to Oats, Drew, and Muss., I will be very upset.
  8. Moser would be very, very depressing. It would cause me to be as apathetic about IUBB as I’ve ever been.
  9. I supported CAM getting a 5th year, and even I don’t think firing him was unreasonable. It really just boils down to that the media thinks we should accept mediocrity. In their eyes Crean should have never been fired since he won 2 Big Ten championships and made the S16 twice.
  10. Yes. As far as I’m concerned, a winning coach is worth up to the highest amount the boosters are willing to pay. $50 million of someone else’s money if it means we win? Count me in.
  11. At the end of the day, JS seemed to have a pretty terrible attitude at IU by his junior year, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t sad to see him go. Muss has clearly done a better job utilizing his strengths than Archie did, and I’m glad Justin’s getting the opportunity that he did.
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