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  1. You know, my whole life I've joked with my friends. I have friends to this day, that if I don't rib them a little, they think I'm mad about something... I'm actually shocked at some of you, particularly the mods like @BGleas and @Inequality for not realizing the intent of my post. I was poking fun at the whole argument... Both of our parts in it... I sit here a lot of times and read disparaging remarks toward @IU Scott or some of the older posters and the whole "Ok Boomer" thing and I laugh at it because I'm mature enough to understand it's a joke... But now I realize at least some of it is mean spirited and "flexing" as you called. I don't think I've ever read anything so insecure and ignorant. "Flexing on the internet." 🙄 So, is that where we're at? Where mean spirited posts by you are ok? "The whole A Thread to Discuss Why Life was Better in the Cold War Era" isn't kidding, but instead an indictment of people who have much more experience at life than you do? I'm sorry you took offense. From now on I'll treat you accordingly...
  2. You need to lighten up... It was a friggin joke... As @Joe_Hoopsiersaid, sometimes just laugh at the joke... That's a maturity you haven't developed yet, I guess...
  3. By the way, I bought this off of Amazon and used it last night... But maybe it's not calibrated correctly... 😁
  4. Or a dominating win... Wish there would have been an internet in 75 and 76... Threads would have consisted of me and @IU Scott posting "Now THAT'S basketball!" 😁
  5. I think Coach Woodson plays the long game from a leadership standpoint. He's not going to publicly destroy a kids confidence by throwing him under the bus... Like Underwood does...
  6. Someone (maybe you) said during the game once we break it, we should attack the basket. Tamar tried a couple of times, but he's not the playmaker JHS or Galloway are...
  7. One other thing, there was no good matchup for Miller on the defensive end, beside maybe Carey. Maryland is long and athletic. Geronimo might not have made a huge difference, but he'd have been better on the isolation back down than Miller or Race.
  8. I loved Woody's response when asked about Jalen's struggles... "Hey, shit happens."
  9. Lotta things went wrong... Willard used the Penn State model to beat us... Token pressure and changing defenses. They doubled Trayce every time he got it in the low block. I would imagine that's not the last time we'll see that strategy employed. Jalen did have a bad shooting game, and I think that lead to other mistakes. He just looked uneasy out there. And his misses all seemed to be long. I'd never tell the kid to not shoot the ball though. Confidence thing. We just didn't play well. At one point we were up 7, but unlike what we've seen in the recent past, we didn't build on it or at least sustain it. And though the refs were terrible, we hit a few more shots and it's our game... Sometimes that happens in basketball...
  10. Bout time for the people who haven't posted in 5 games to show up, isn't it?
  11. Young hooks with his elbow every time he posts up
  12. Race is having a better game
  13. Custer:"Worth repeating, Maryland is 13-0 when leading at the half!"
  14. Stick JHS on Young for the rest of the game
  15. These touch calls are bull
  16. Jesus, is Custer gonna break out his Maryland sweater?
  17. He's definitely not gonna be hungry after those Spalding burgers he's being fed
  18. JHS needs to take open 3s when he gets them... He passed a few up when Trayce finds him off the double team
  19. Race isn't having a very good game
  20. It's a long drive from Indiana 😉
  21. Can we watch the start of IU game on the app?
  22. Nebraska's Wilhelm Breidenbach has to be the worst rotation player in the Big 10... I've seen him take about 10 3 pointers, and he's hit the rim twice I think... I have no idea why Hoiberg plays him
  23. Mine too... The kid can ball, and he's always upbeat
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