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2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

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2 hours ago, dbmhoosier said:

We are definitely going to be stacked at the 3/4 positions in the coming years.  I really think that Ed Schilling will land Brooks for 2019 as well.  I'd like to see us add a center.  We're in trouble if Deron has a monster season and leaves early which is possible.   I think he's a better NBA prospect than Bryant was.

I agree, how did that happen. ha. No one is even talking Hurt. He and Thompson are as close as can be. So with Brooks, Hurt, Jackson=Davis and Watford in the mix plus the guys already here we are set at the 3 and 4. Can Jackson-Davis grow enough to play the 5 in Archies system? Maybe. I dont think you can run with a big center anymore.

Archie runs a lot of motion, i think i remember that right. All you need are guys to screen.

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My kids have a new favorite Hoosier! Talked about him from Bloomington until Fort Wayne.

A lot has been made out of Archie’s lack of ability identifying offensive threats on the recruiting trail. Did the APR prevent him from getting his guys? Did Glass request him to keep the players prev

Golf cart was out and we got to see several players and took a picture with Al Durham.  Had a great tour of athletic facilities with Curt.  Thanks to all that gave me Bloomington recommendations.

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1 hour ago, milehiiu said:

Word on the street.  Archie will start his day out, today, Sept. 11 in the Northern part of the state recruiting.  Then boarding the IU plane for a flight to New Albany, later in the day. I just can't remember the recruit from New Albany.   LOL

Why would he be recruiting the kids from this state anyway?  is basketball even a big thing here.... 

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I like Archie's approach.  He is putting together complementary pieces at multiple levels.  He has a long range view with class balance and across multiple positions.  There's size, ball handling, shooting, athleticism, defensive components, etc.  You will see kids become upperclassmen in many of these cases.  

Regarding Forrester, he had me at high motor, seven foot reach, runs the floor, and plays hard all the time.  Sounds like an ideal 4 year player and a rotational big.  With a rotation of bigs, we won't have to deal with 6'6 guys playing inside.  Also, Forrester is bright (likes science, and is toying in majoring in biochemistry) and has leadership skills that he welcomes using.  

We can talk about Archie more.  Although he hasn't won a game yet, don't rule out that he ends up a great one.  He's showing himself to be incredibly bright, and a strategic thinker.  Read the Btown magazine article I linked last month at our other site and tell me he's not really bright.  He was asked challenging questions, and he answered very well, including where there were traps or contradictions the interviewer tried to find. Archie finessed it very well.  

My last point.  Archie looks hard at guys that play tough and with a high motor.  He will want guys to play D. He's puttting together a roster of guys that can win with complementary talents.  The strategic thinking is such a welcome development after what we've suffered for a decade and a half. 

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16 minutes ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:

Looks like we have an in-home set with Garland:



Wonder what Archie is telling Garland and Langford about the scholarship situation.  Is he telling them that one better decide before the last spot gets taken, or is he telling them that he will open up a spot for both of them?

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