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  1. But he essentially stayed out of Edey’s way and just crashed the boards. No offense was run through him.
  2. But they didn’t have another big clogging the paint at the same time right? Basically 4 out 1 in?
  3. Hopefully this is the case…. Ballo crashes the boards, gets some easy baskets there and on dishes, but stays out of the lane otherwise.
  4. Wasn’t sure where to put this, but thought it was hilarious to see in NKY. Isn’t Montana St. one of our favorites, or am I misremembering?
  5. Woke culture. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Right, but odds aren’t set at the beginning of the season. Maybe a much better D and rebounding team, which could have been possible maybe changes some of those underdog tags to favorite tags (especially some of the home games) as the season goes along. But I get your argument. End of the day, poor roster construction limited the teams ceiling, but I’m not sure he got everything out of them that he could have.
  7. I’ve not been a defender since early this past year, but I want the same things you do, and I won’t be rooting for him to lose. But I can’t say I won’t be discouraged a lot quicker than you if things are rough early.
  8. I think you both can be right. The roster construction was terrible and that was CMW’s fault. He MAY have gotten out of that roster what you believe was the max. I kind of disagree because rebounding and defense is a lot of effort and could have improved the team (although limited still), but there didn’t seem to be an emphasis on either.
  9. Easy now…. people are going to start expecting better results.
  10. No, sorry for the confusion. I was just saying prior to Goode’s addition I wouldn’t have valued Tucker as high as McNeely (and maybe still don’t). But after Goode, there could be a case for Tucker being more valuable. Just saying it’s all TBD for me based on how everything plays out. If we shoot it at a much better clip this year, then McNeely won’t be missed. If we don’t, hindsight would seem to suggest we needed McNeely more than Tucker.
  11. @Joe_Hoopsier what’s confusing? You think Tucker is the better get because this guy has him a couple spots higher? TBD is my verdict. Not sure what’s confusing about that.
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