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Iowa Post Game Thread


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1 minute ago, Parakeet Jones said:

I keep thinking at some point these guys will say enough is enough with this road crap. Still waiting. 

Not gonna happen with this group. Just aren't tough enough. I'll keep doing what I've done for the last 5 years and hope we get a new batch of players next year who are different. 

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Very winnable game.  Those silly turnovers that were forced by wrong decisions and being in the wrong place by veterans.

How did they not look at the replay on the last Parker play with the elbow to the face?

Refs were horrible and pg's looked like they never broke a pass in their basketball career.  

Offensive rebounds by Iowa, missed free throws by IU.  Turnovers.....

Hopefully this is part of the journey to learning to win on the road.  

Refs should also look at the tape

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We shot 51% from the field and lost.

Iowa is a crappy rebounding team, had guys in foul trouble yet had 20 offensive boards.

Not to mention 22 to’s.

It’s frustrating that it seems we should be 4-0 on the road but at some point the record is the record.

Lets beat NE.

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