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2/18-20 @Clemson


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7 hours ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

With the way the Mens BBall season is going, I may have to start looking at baseball....

Let me do some investigating. I think you might be able to watch this weekend if you have an espn subscription. 

BTN+ for $10 a month is one heckuva way to watch B1G baseball games.  I've done it for 3 years now, and @landrus13 mentioned he's done it at least once.  

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Mudungo gets the start today. He threw 38IP last season and 2.09ERA and 1.16WHIP. He was mostly middle relief last year, but started 4 games. Personally, I don't think he is a Friday Night Ace, but he does deserve a shot. Very skinny/lanky dude. Mudungo also pitched 14 innings in 3 starts in summer ball (no idea the level of comp) and had a 1.29ERA. So, last summer Mudungo threw 52.2 innings and had a 1.90ERA 

Perkins gets the ball in game 2. Former UL guy, originally from Kokomo. Big time prospect out of HS, obviously he will have experience being at Clemson before since they're in the ACC. No idea what to expect, I've never seen him pitch. 

Stahl- 1.80ERA 25IP 

Bothwell- 2.79ERA 33IP

Sharp- 3.18ERA 11.1IP

Tucker- 4.04ERA  22IP

Those 4 will be 4 of the bigger names out of the pen. Bothwell could start, as well. He started 4 games, as well, last season. 3 or 4 other transfer arms + Luke Hayden will round out our pitching staff. Just an opinion, I think Hayden is the only FR arm we see this year. 

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4 minutes ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

Was it recently renovated? That is one nice ballpark 

I think at some point fairly recently. And yes it is!!! The dudes at iubase.com arrived last night, so we should be getting some good pics from the weekend. This is a ballpark I really wanted to visit, I was just hoping Indiana was there during a regional or super lol.. not on Feb 18th. 

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This is the link to stream the game today. If you have an ESPN subscription from any streaming or cable company, you can watch the game today. 

So, if you could watch the basketball game on Tuesday.... you can watch these games this weekend. @Proud2BAHoosier

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