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Top 50 Sports Figures From Indiana (HSN Challenge)

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Here's a challenge for HSN.

I am cleaning out the storage area in my basement.  From 1984 through 2019 I subscribed to Sports Illustrated.  Never threw an issue away until now (35 years-worth).  I always thought it would be neat to go back and look through them.  Of course, that's never happened.  Anyway, I decided to start purging and only keep those issues with the greatest of the great on the cover: MJ, LBJ, Kobe, Tiger, Peyton, Brady, Ali, Gretzky, anything IU or Reds related, etc.  

I'm still working through that exercise, but ran across an issue from April of 2001 that listed the Top 50 Sports figures 'FROM' every state between 1900 and 2000.  So, for Indiana, people like Mark Spitz and Isaih Thomas were not eligible because they were not 'FROM' Indiana.  Likewise, people like Eric Gordon were not on the list because they rose to prominence after 2000.  

My challenge for HSN will be to see how many the board can name.  To make it more fun, there is a limit to 3 names per poster.  Don't be that guy who thinks that rule does not apply to him.  I don't want the first poster cherry picking the 20 easiest names and taking away trhe opportunity for others.  I would like as many people as possible to contribute.  You don't have to guess their place in the list, just their name.  Once that name appears, I will add it in the appropriate spot on the list. 

Over the next couple of days, let's see how many of the 50 the board can get.  I'm setting a target of 35.  

Remember.........Just 3 names per poster allowed!

1) John Wooden

2) Larry Bird

3) Oscar Robertson

4) Bob Griese

5) Chuck Klein

6) Ray Ewry

7) Rod Woodson

8.) Jeff Gordon

9) Tony Hulman

10) Mordecai (Three-Finger) Brown

11) Bobby Plump

12) Gil Hodges

13) Oscar Charleston

14) George McGinnis

15) Doc Counsilman

16) Glenn Robinson

17) Alex Karras

18) Clyde Lovelette

19) Ed Roush

20) Kent Benson

21) Billy Herman

22) Steve Alford

23) Weeb Ewbank

24) Branch McCracken

25) Stephanie White-McCarty

26) Fuzzy Zoeller

27) Don Mattingly

28) Rick Mount

29) Muriel Davis-Grossfield

30) Don Lash

31) Bob Kuechenberg

32) Tommy John

33) Tom Harmon

34) Shawn Kemp

35) Dick Weber

36) Fred Wilt

37) Kenny Lofton

38) Charlie Finley

39) Tony Zale

40) Tony Hinkle

41) Fuzzy Vandivier

42) Major Taylor

43) Damon Bailey

44) Mark Clayton

45) LaTaunya Pollard

46) Max Carey

47) Lamar Lundy

48) Charles 'Stretch' Murphy

49) Maciel Malone-Wallace

50) Scott Rolen


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