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Greatest CBB game you ever watched?


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If you are talking about in person, I was at the game in South Bend when Notre Dame beat UCLA and ended their 72 game winning streak.

I was 14 and my Pony League coach rented a bus to take a bunch of kids from Ft. Wayne to see the game. I remember that there was a huge bonfire on campus at a pep rally before the game, and John Shumate told the students that they were going to win.

I had held on to the ticket stub for a long time, and I am sure it would be worth something now, unfortunately it was ruined in a basement flood.

As a side note, sitting about 2 rows in front of me on the bus was the now late Eugene (Gene) Parker who was all-state at FW Concordia High School, went on to play at Purdue, and became a highly successful sports agent before his passing a couple of years ago.

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1 hour ago, rico said:

IU or otherwise......

Duke vs UK in 92

IU best would probably be 87 championship game against Syracuse

Best game I saw in person was when Princeton upset UCLA in the 1st round of the 96 tournament. Actually wasn't the best played game but the significance of the game what made it the best.

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For me? Jan.19,1974. Austin Carr and the ND Irish upset the UCLA Bruins. Get this, UCLA had not lost a game in 1,092 days!! Think about that......


Now if we're talikn' about IU BB, easy, Keith Smarts last second shot to win for a National Championship! Doesn't get any better than that!!

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3 hours ago, HoosierJax said:

IU vs Michigan,I think it was 1989 Jay Edwards drains a 25' 3 for the win...and of course the IU vs Kentucky Wat shot..there just so many 

I was at that game too!

I was also at the Illinois game where Nick Anderson buried a 35 footer at the buzzer, right after we had hit our own shot.  That's the quietest I have ever heard such a large crowd.  You'd think you were in a library and I am not exaggerating.

I was at the 1992 IU-Duke final four game and that was the ultimate ref hose job.  Our crowd was "lively."

I was not at the Keith Smart game live but that's the biggest winner to me because of what was at stake.

Staying with games where I was not there live, you could throw in the Lorenzo Charles NC State game and the UNC Michael Jordan championship where the young fella from Georgetown panicked and threw it right to UNC on the last possession.  Underrated point was the UNC player (maybe James Worthy) induced him to throw it to him.  I have seen that move in pickup ball but at that level, it was remarkable.

Danny Ainge's coast to coast drive for BYU in the NCAA tourney.  then Tyus Edney (I think) did something similar for UCLA in the 1990s.

Watshot is a no-brainer.

It's obscure but Bobby Heaton throwing in a half court shot at the buzzer to beat New Mexico State to keep ISU's (led by Larry Bird) 1979 unbeaten streak alive.


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I am gonna keep away from IU.

1977 Marquette vs. UNC-Charlote  Final Four

1983  NCState vs. Houston   Championship Game

1985 Villanova vs.  Georgetown  Championship Game

1989 Michigan vs. Seton Hall Championship Game

That is just for starters!!!!!!!!!!

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As far as in person, I was at the Final Four game when Duke beat UNLV in Indy. 

As far as best college games in general, just a few that pop to mind:

6OT UConn-Cuse game


Nova-UNC Final

Duke-UK regional final

UK-Arizona Final in 97 (think it went 2OT’s)

it wasn’t a really well played game, but Duke-Butler Final

87 IU-Cuse Final

Those are just a few off the top of my head. 

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