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Not as far fetched as many here would think…

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Love this topic!

I don't know that there's a wrong answer.

You've got TJD doing things that have never been done in program history, never been done in conference history, and hardly ever been done in basketball history. He has a legit shot to finish his career as a top 5 (or higher) player in program history. 

Mackenzie is probably without question the greatest WBB player we've ever had, yeah? And she's taking us to heights we've never reached and very well could bring us our first title.

I'm very glad we've got them both, I don't think you could find a better duo in the country. They both seem to be as wonderful of people as they are players, too. 

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No way I can choose between the 2... I don't think we could be any more fortunate to have these two great kids who not only play at a very high level, but are also great ambassadors of our basketball programs, and models for the kind of kids we want at IU...

Thanks to both of them... 

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11 hours ago, Steubenhoosier said:

I think it’s really close, for people who have paid attention, and I think it’s a good topic for discussion…

Who is the more dominant player?

Mackenzie Holmes or TJD?

Both represent IU in the highest level, both athletically and academically.....however, I would like to see a few one handed dunks as well as a couple alley-oop dunks from Holmes, then I will decide. lol

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